So Gay.

Discussion in 'General' started by MistaBrosky420, May 6, 2011.

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  1. I don't know why but this was hilarious.
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    Think before you type, too. Honestly, you sound like a dumbass. Anyone who equates "being gay" with stupidity or being stupid or worthless is saying quite a bit about themselves.

    Yes, because suicide is fucking hilarious. I doubt you know what it's like to experience losing someone in this way.
  3. ^^^^
    I think someone is taking themselves ENTIRELY too serious......
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    I laughed, I know, im going to hell.

  5. No, I don't think I am.

    Wait till your best friend hangs himself, then get back to me.
  6. Rut Roh... You bouts to be banned, sam i am... See ya in 5 years..
    Supposed to be 18 lil man....

  7. Possibly the dumbest post ive seen so far on GC.
    Did you even click the link . BRO

    Edit: Ill make it a quote so I can hopefully save more dumb fucks like you looking like idiots.

  8. Whatever. Had friends commit suicide. Not becuase they had a mental disorder though.....

  9. Dude.. your 13... your voice isn't suppose to be macho and deep yet.. and wait... your 13?

  10. Alright, well it affects people differently.

    It's not 'whatever', though I have moved on. Changed me entirely.
  11. Dumbass #2
  12. LAWRDY! Is it really such a big deal if i call my friend gay? or refer to something as gay? I simply do not understand how some people can take this so seriously.


    My friend took my shoe and hid it then left. So i call him like wheres my shoe.. and he's like you'll have to figure out on your own. So i called him a faggot and hung up. Wheres the harm?
  13. honestly, i was laughing at that bit too. I think me and the poster who put up the picture both didnt even see the content about suicide below, and now i feel bad!
  14. That's so gay...

  15. Confusion levels reaching maximum velocity.
  16. there is a side of humor to everything. but when you become insensitive to tragedy because you think its a joke, thats not really cool.

    Suicide is nothing to laugh at, nor is bullying. Some kids have it real tough and just cant handle things emotionally or mentally because of whatever terrible circumstances they are in. That said I laughed at the 13 who likes to sing. Its all in good fun

  17. I mean, it's such a common utterance these days that you probably don't realize HOW STUPID EVERYONE SOUNDS when they talk this way, so obviously you don't see the harm or big deal. Very few people make a 'big deal' out of this behaviour. I'm one of them.

    Talk however you please; I have no way of stopping you. If I were to meet you in person though, and you spoke that way, I would call you on it regardless of the setting. When I do this day to day, most people just act real sheepish or tell me they don't care and to shut up. Just reflects negatively on the person who uses language to this end.
  18. Words are words...they have no meaning other than the ones you have assigned in your mind. They're just noises. Getting upset over them is feeble minded. Not trying to downplay the suicide though, that's serious bizness. People do need to lighten up a bit though.
  19. And everyone keeps mentioning the picture on the front of the website and givin me shit for it.. Ya cause this post was obviously just meant to be about the picture on the front page.. I just don't understand how people can take it that offensively... its like their taking a small thing and blowing it up into something ridiculous.

    Which would you be most offended by if i called you it your face:

    A fucking douchebag

    A homo

    A cocksucker

    A lame ass

    A blue waffle

    Or a faggot
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