So f'n pissed off

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ryogavash, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. So today something very lame happened.

    Me and a couple friends were smokin' a j behind this church. We smoke there a lot and it is always chill, but something different happened today. These guys pull up in a car, and the driver gets out. He tells us to give him all our stuff. We say no, so he fucken punches us in the face. My friend punched him back but the ass blocked it then dealt him one in the jaw. Took not only my remaining chronic, but my papers, bus pass, 10 bucks, sweatshirt, and backpack. Goddam. AT A FREAKIN' CHURCH. thanks a lot god. damn.

    I had even just thanked god out loud for providing the chronic. Maybe god doesn't like stoners.
  2. Should have ran or picked up a rock or somthing.
  3. Yeah, should have run. But there was a guy cutting us off in the direction we would have run.
  4. Holy shit...that's fucking crazy.. fucking theives.
  5. how the hell are you going to steal weed thats like a deadly sin
    dont worry he will be greeted in the deepest depths of hell
  6. SO let me get this straitght... you and your crew LET THIS HAPPEN!!! I WOULD HAVE FUCKED THAT GUY UP!!! I mean yeah that does suck and all but WHY DID YOU LET IT HAPPEN!!! As soon as he got out and came towards you you should have kicked him right in the balls then in the face then fucking kick his goddamn ass... DAMN!!!! me and my friends would have fucked that loser up... YOu remember his car right? Just go look for it and FUCK IT UP!!! Throw a spark plug on the window, throw gasoline soaked toilet paper on the car(dont light on fire... althought that would be funny), and just go ape on it if you want. That fucker needs if fucking shit kicked in!!!! Everyone knows WHO DONT STEAL WEED!!! Unless some fuck has fucked you over and what not.

  7. lol calm down maybe hes a little guy with a little crew
    and after all , all he lost was some weed and maybe some pride ..who cares get over it , if you see the guy or the car just dont give a fuck
    you can just laugh at him thinking assholes always get whats comming to them..

  8. blow his head

    no seriously why did u let it happen?

    did you stand up for yourself and your weed?
  9. some unamed group of peoples had thier cid lifted once...they knew who had it..lets just say they paid him a little visit..damn man grow some nads and whoop some ass every now and then..i'm usaully peacefull but piss me off and you have a problem =) dont let people walk over you
  10. Believe me, if we could have kicked their asses, we would have. I ain't trying to fuck with a couple big black dudes. And if I were to see the car, I would slash the tires.
  11. didnt mention the black dude part that changes everything =( my above statement should include "unless they are 6'4 black guys" as a side note
  12. dont just..."see" their car...LOOK FO RIT!...sure, slash the tires (classic) but dont forget to pucnture radiator, fill gas tank with sugar, break some windows, fuck up the transmission, take the alternator, pee on the seats (thats always funny), take all the door handles and then lock the car before you leave, take the steering wheel if you can, spray paint the car, and then...RUN LIKE FUCK!

    (do no tdo this without A)GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    B) A MASK!
    D) GLOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh...and make sure they dont think it was you...if thats possible lol...htey prollly wont...chances are they do that to a lot of people
  13. Sorry to bring this thread up but if you think thats bad? in the uk where i live (NORTHAMPTON) you could get jacked EVERYDAY if you walked around enough..
  14. i got ripped off once by someone i knew so i waited till it got dark and spraypainted in 6ft letters on their fence


    they lived on a main road too...hehehe

    hey they deserved it...

  15. roflmao!
  16. shit! that is terrible! Why the hatred? WHY?!!

    Come to SoCal and I'll smoke you out and then we can go surfing. its all i have to offer
  17. gang up on him
  18. make him give you his shit
  19. DUDE.
    thats really shitty and im sorry it happened to ya and all, but thats why theres a point to knowing how to defend yourself from shit like that.

  20. maybe it was god telling you not to smoke at a church.....just a thought....

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