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    Hello Grasscity.
    First time grower here looking for some insight from people with experience. I have five females of unknown strain, the seeds were small and the leafs are thin so I'm assuming they are Sativa dominant. Had them in veg for about 6 weeks and they started getting to tall for the space so I flipped 12/12 two weeks and five days ago. From what I've read they should be just about all stretched out about now and stand between 1'1/2'- 2' 1/2' tall (excluding the bucket). Basically I'm just looking to see if everything is on track or if there is anything I should be extra cautious about at this stage. Maybe even a rough estimate of what to expect in yield?

    First two picture were taken a week ago and that was a week and five days after switching to 12/12.
    Last two were taken a couple hours ago, the close up is the same tip.

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  2. They look pretty nice to me. Nice even colours.
    I don't think estimation of yield is possible...because in flowering they can go from nothing to beast...but they look healthy, which is a good sign.
  3. Thanks Cheeba, it's good to hear things are looking good and I get what you're saying about the yields. I was kind of just thinking what to expect on the lower end. I figure I smoke about 6-7 ounces a year and was hoping I could grow at least 5, does that seem at all likely with these? I'd probably start germinating some more if it's not.
    On a side note is more light better now? I have a couple 100w "blurple" LED I could try to toss in there some how.

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