so f@$King cheesed off,my babies going yellow

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  1. think i might have killed my babies..they were growing realy well and on the third potting at 4 weeks they are turned yellow from bottom to top.
    some leaves have dropped/died.they just slowly faded,not spotts or blotches just fsded to yellow.
    think the small flesh i did on lat repot has done it.i know the ph was around 7. on the water i used although i put half dose nutes on ph6.7 on top of that.
    any help please would be apriciated
    will put pics on soon
  2. Yeah I know what you mean, My babie went yellow too, I really dont understand it either, cause I'm Caucasian.

  3. what calmag supp are you using if any? and I can't understand this sentence.think the small flesh i did on lat repot has done it.:confused:
  4. If you're using coco or hydro, your ph should be 5.5-5.8. (although I'll let mine go to 6.0 and that's okay)

    Yellowing from the bottom up sounds like a nitrogen deficiency, though.
  5. not lookin good

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  6. they looked realy good two weeks ago but now likke ph now is 6.4 then my newts brings it to around 6.0..but they only had one feed yesterday,its not drying out quik enough in soil
    ,first time since repot two weeks was half the nute dose and only half ltr or sofor larger ones.
    they are now 5 weeks n 2 days old.
  7. theve hardly grown an inch in two weeks.........they grew 4 inches in two weeks before.
  8. if you go to this link u see pics of day they got put in pots....
  9. "lost my grow virginity lol...bout time too... " put that in forum search bar
  10. I could be wrong, but that looks like overwatering. It's supposed to be difficult to do that in coco, though.
  11. supposed to be......but they did take two weeks to go nearly bone dry...
    there stones and thin layer ov perlite in bottom of pots
  12. Two weeks seems like a very long time for them to dry especially in coco. What size are the pots and do you have good drainage???
  13. up the N!:hello:

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