So excited!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Moore Kush, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. For my first attempted grow I planted 3 seeds I got from a pickup.

    One has begun to sprout :)

  2. congrats :)

    how did you proceed with the instalation ?
  3. Well right now I have a little crate that I put aluminum all over inside to reflect light etc. For now I have them each in a cup with the light on 12 hours on and off throughout each day sometimes more. (I'm not home to watch them right now i'm at school. My fall break is coming up though :) ) So my girlfriend is taking care of them.
  4. nice...

    i was planning on doing it in a locker but outside...i was wondering if it works even if the winter is coming
  5. cant you grow them inside
  6. I would suggest keeping a consistent light schedule. Any reason why you decided on 12/12? I would suggest at least 18/6 unless you want them to flower super early, in which case you probably won't achieve much in terms of yield.

    Good luck, hope your grow works out :smoke:
  7. I've just been having my girlfriend have the light on while she is home incase of it getting too hot. I may have her leave it on more though.
  8. You need a consistent light cycle, you are going to stress the fuck outa those plants.

    A 12/12 cycle will start flowering right away, as others have said. Go 18/6.
  9. The lighting has been consistent. However I am going to up the amount to 18/6

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