So everytime I meet a new girl or something...

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  1. For the first time, they're always ridiculously intimidated by me.
    I don't get it. It makes me feel weird.
    It creates a lot of awkward moments, and I don't even do anything.
    I'm not awkward, I don't act awkward in person.
    I'm very social.
    I just don't get why girls are so intimidated by me.
  2. Maybe its your appearance? Are you a big guy, have a lot of pirecings, tattoos? I dont know what it could be, but dont mind long as your a nice guy around them and talk to them they will start to open up..

  3. Why do you think they're intimidated by you? Have they told you this?
  4. i know that feeling. are you tall? i am, kind of.

    i really just dont know. i know absolutley nothing about females.

  5. My conclusion;
    They weren't meant to be understood.
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  6. No piercings. No Tattoo's. I'm tall, but insanely skinny. It's not like the scared intimidating. It's the nervous intimidating. Which drives me up a fucking wall. I blame texting. And the internet. No one looks me in the eyes anymore.
    They tell me I'm intimidating because of I have like. A rockstar kinda deal? Idk. It pisses me the fuck off.
  7. So you think people, especially girls, are intimidated by you because you're so rockstar-esque? I doubt it. And that the manifestation of the intimidation is girls being awkward around you even though you're a very social person. Why do you picture rockstars intimidating people? Girls flock to rockstars and flirt with them and take off their shirts to get their breasts signed by rockstars. They probably aren't treating you like a rockstar. Most of the reason for that behaviour is the appeal of fame, money, talent, their music. If you don't have those things than even your rockstar demeanor isn't going to be what is causing their behaviour. How does a rockstar kinda deal mean you act? Which rockstar are you picturing here?
  8. nah J.P. theyre just intimidated by your genious:)
  9. Nah I'm kinda made out to be an insanely awesome guitar player? Idk. Maybe but I'm just not sure.
  10. That's way better. You're in a much better position than most guys start out. If you want girls to relax you could try making fun of yourself a bit.
  11. post of a picture of yourself and i bet we can tell you why
  12. Yeah I know the feeling. My first day at a new school some kid told me I looked like the kind who was gonna columbine the class.

    long hair
    an asshole
    someone who appears to hate everybody:confused:
  13. rockstar look? do you look like the rolling stones. kidding.
  14. might you resemble this fine young lad?

    if not, it's probably your body language man
  15. im a girl, on some real shit.
    girls would be intimidated-->(wont look at u in the eyes) by following
    -good looking
    -"im cool look at me" sort of deal
    -loserrr,not like non popular but, u just aint got shit going interest or motivation for anything, not even funny person kind of a loser
    idk, general kinda thing
    but me personally,
    i would be intimidated by a person that was extremely social and always with the crowd. I'm sure i would feel like a loser after some time.
    but a lot of girls are into that,
    so maybe check ur creeper status or just straight up try to get to know a girl
    persistance is [Key] really.
    make a girl feel special.
  16. Why would you be intimidated by someone being annoying?
  17. I intimidate certain people because of my physical presence (6'1, 210 pounds)... but they're usually the ones I'm not interested in anyway.

    If you're certain you're a social person I don't see why people would find you intimidating if it isn't because of your appearance. Fit into any stereotypes?
  18. (look in eyes)
  19. This is gonna drive me up a fucking wall.
    I know I look young. It's the hair. Trust me.
    And I think I was high this day:

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  20. ahh!!
    Girls in ur town are WACK!!
    ur deff a cutie with a nice smile.:hello:
    If you really are a nice guy Im SURE its not you.
    now Im on creep status.
    harr harrr:devious:
    Just do u and im sure the right one should come around.

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