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  1. God damn the CA DMV (dept of motor vehicles ftw) is the most fucking bullshit time eating shit they can make you go thru! The employees are miserable and bored as asshole people.
    I think they do this shit on purpose, to try and get people to not register their cars/ get DL so they can fine us and make money! Thu almost make it impossible and so frustrating, I just wanna burn the mutherfucker down with all the employees in it!
    Why am I mad ? I came yesterday and they only had 1 person working the "start" desk where you get your number. 1 fucking person to handle the hundreds of people here and the lady likes to take her sweet ass time! So I said fuck it and make an appointment for the next day (today) while I was in the line , because it was a 1 1/2 wait just to get the damn number. I show up today and even the appointment line is super slow (again 1 lady) , I get in line wait for 20 fucking min , just for the lady to say I'm too early (by 14 min) to give me a number ! I had to resist beating the lady to death (which prison almost seems worth) , well should b time to get in line now , and this was just a rant, after this umma grab something to much on, take it home, blaze up and relax.....

    Anyone got any similar expiriances with any agency/office?
  2. Cali experiences include the day-long waits in line...and a letter from them informing me that they were canceling my car's registration. (Which I received over a year after I'd moved from Cali to Florida, and had re-titled/registered my car here..and done so for under $100 total.)

    As bad as it is in Cali, Florida is a breeze in comparison. Fees are way lower, and you're in and out of there in 15-20 minutes tops! (Plus, with all the vanity & "affinity" license plate designs on the wall behind the counter that you can choose from, it kinda looks like a Baskin Robbins ice cream place!)
  3. fuck michigan DMV theres a reason theres no firearm posters there cuz i could see somone shooting that bitch up. you sit there for hours get up, they're rude and never pleasant i just hate the whole thing plus they only have one in my county and its always freaking packed
  4. I remember when I went and got my license at the Cali DMV. I totally feel the same. Watching those stupid bitches take 20 minutes to do the simplest shit made me want to wring their necks. No wonder they cant get jobs anywhere else. Including McDonalds. At least when you work at McDonalds you get fired for going slow.
  5. The NJ DMV by me is a breeze - never a line, conveniant hours and efficient processes :O!
  6. energed is hurt hurt ```
  7. Oh my god I feel you, the fuckers take forever and the lines are ridiculous, the lines are filled with morons/minority morons/ ghetto morons they are so dumb it's not even funny, they literally bring none of the paperwork needed to the DMV just to get turned away and waste everyone's time and the workers go slow just to piss me the Rick off
  8. I remember the OLD California Department of Motor Vehicles from back in the 1970's. It was far worse than the "new" DMV that you guys are describing, where you wait 20 minutes to get up to the window.

    Back in the day there was no internet so you could not make an appointment on line, in fact you could not make an appointment at all. You could not call on the telephone because they weren't real good at answering the phones and you simply would get no answer. Once you got to the DMV there were two very long very slow lines, one for registration and one for drivers licenses. The wait in either line was about an hour to an hour and a half. There were no chairs and effectively no air conditioning. This was long before the cell phone had been invented, so there wasn't much to do. The more savy people knew enough to bring a snack or a book. I usually brought a buddy to chat with.

    Once you got to the window it seemed there was always a problem; some other form they wanted filled out or something needed to be signed on the right line or some shit. It just seemed as if the staff was there to prevent people from getting their registration or their license rather than being there to help them out. So, often times we would wind up standing in the same line twice or whatever. Eventually, you made it to the third line which was the cashier where they added insult to injury by extracting much of your hard-earned cash. It was bad. Back in those days a trip to the DMV was as painful as a root canal. I once spent three and a half hours there to register one piece of paper and my experience was not uncommon.

    Today, as bad as it is, it is much better than the DMV of old. The staff is nicer and better trained and you get in and out in a reasonable amount of time. Nowadays, I make an appointment online, show up for the appointment, and a half-hour later I am back in my car driving home. This works for me. It may be that some of the staff is rude and incompetent but if you only have to put up with that for twenty minutes, that shouldn't ruin your whole day. I know it is bad down at the DMV but it isn't likely to get any better and it has been a whole lot worse.
  9. I get shivers down my spine when i hear california and dmv in the same sentence.
  10. Yea I had an appointment and they still took a lil under 2 hours, not counting the 15 min that I was (too early ).
    Yea what angers me is it seems they try to prevent ou from getting anything done, there's always something thats missing, you come back the next day, oh now you got a signature missing, come back the next day and some other shit is missing that they couldn't mention to you the first fucking time you went. And then charge you insane amounts (my reg was $160) , you'd think for that price they can hire another damn person on the front desk!
    I can totally see myself going postal and shooting the damn place up someday (not really but I can always dream).

    Damn DMV! I'd rather go to fucking church than to go o the DMV (and I hate religion)
  11. Go to a small town DMV! Drive to the next little town!

    I'm in a rural area and have the choice of 2 DMV offices- one is in the "big city", the other in a small town. I ALWAYS got to the little one! Better and faster service every time!

  12. I remember in high school I waited in that like for 30 minutes only to have them tell me they don't accept credit/debit cards.

    I mean what the fuck is that

  13. Yup had same shit happen to me once, except I we there a lot longer , I just wante tO punch the cunt in the mouth, cuz he said it in a smile that seemed he was enjoying tellin me I gotta go they the whole process again, damn cunt
  14. lol funny cuz i just walked in, got my shit and walked out
  15. It's worth the drive to smaller cities to their dmv offices. A lot of people go to the closest one to home, not doing their research. I go to the one about 10 miles away instead of the one that's 2 miles away.
  16. The DMV was quick as fuck where I'm from. When I turned 16 to get my license I was in and out in 25 minutes including the driving test. It was weird though there's bitchy little midget lady who works reception. LOL she even had a little kids desk.
  17. Make an appointment.

    Oh and also every California DMV has a portal that takes you directly to and from Hell. So that's where they get their employees
  18. I went to the DMV on Tuesday night, I had to get new tabs and new plates. I was in and out in under 5 minutes and I was there within a half hour of closing.
  19. Yea maby next time I'll go half hour before they close ... I'm sure them wanting to go home on time will motivate em to get off their ass.

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