So enlighten me about Barack Obama please.

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  1. And please keep it chill and focus on policies.

    I live in the UK.

    After you guys voted in W. Bush for a second term we figured the USA was lost as the land of the free and brave and just full of people who enjoy eating or burning books (Harry potter? Really guys?) rather than reading them.

    But them came along a young charismatic and highly unexpected candidate for the democrats AND he was Black. What did he think? Spouting so much sense, having thoughts which the type of people who voted Bush would leave him branded as a communist. Besides, as idyllic as a USA not having any racial problems is, the economic, social and historical facts cite otherwise. No black man could get into the White house right?!?!!

    But then he gave us hope. And told us there would be change. And yes we could. Be an idealistic world with less war, less atrocity, more justice and understanding.

    And then he gave Americans universal health care. Sort of. And they seemed really upset that people in need would be getting looked after. But then those people probably hate public libraries and schools anyway.

    But that's about it huh?

    What were your thoughts before he came into power and what are they now?

    And even if he is a big waste of time and space he's so charasmatic that I always want to make excuses for him. But I won't take it anymore! I want facts folks. :D
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    [ame=]Joe Rogan - The American War Machine - YouTube[/ame]
  3. If his biggest accomplishment in the eyes of people on the other side of the pond is what he has done to our healthcare system, it hasn't really even taken effect yet. (I'm personally against the idea of a Universal Health Care System for a population of our size...) but point being, his one big issue that he was trying to take a stand on hasn't gone as well as he'd like.

    I thought he was simply a politician in 2008, and now I think he's simply a better known politician now. It wouldn't have been much different if McCain was elected to be honest with you.
  4. He didn't give us universal health care, he increased Federal subsidies to private insurance and pharmaceutical companies. That's called fascism.

    He was given a nobel peace prize, but expanded our foreign wars and reduced civil liberties at home. He just recently signed a bill that allows the government to detain any American permanently without a trial. He supports FISA and Patriot Acts as well.

    He is a Constitutional law professor that doesn't believe in following Constitution.

    He has also continued to punish non-violent drug offenders, despite the war on drugs being as flawed and racist as the war on terror.

    Since he is not a stupid man, we can only assume he is evil. He is the definition of a snake oil salesman.

    [ame=]Ralph Nader asks if Barack Obama will be an Uncle Tom - YouTube[/ame]

    Nader was right.
  5. The recent bill is what's really upset me. :( but I'm in denial. I can't face the disappointment I am going to feel. *hides*
  6. Face it. We have.
  7. It's sad.
  8. But... but... but...

    He was going to be a cross between jimmy stewart and shaft.
  9. Barack Obama is the full-calorie, full-fat version of George W. Bush. Bush was just Diet Obama.

    and in the words of Cornel West, Obama is

  10. * We never voted his sorry treasonous ass into office to start with...he stole two elections in a roll, he didn't win either.:cry:

    ** Will Smith ran? oh, nvm, you said he was a bad...:confused_2:

    *** you fell for a politicians rosey speeches??? Do the nurses know you've been watching political speeches again?:laughing:

    **** I was drinking milk and read my nose is full of it...but it was FUNNY !:eek::p

    ***** DC is full of treasonous scum sucking backstabbing parasites, that should be culled from the gene pool, as well as their offspring (can't risk infesting the pool with the defects again...)... That answers both...;):bongin::metal::smoking:
  11. Besides the policy nightmares....

    Hes not an American citizen. He was born in Indonesia.

    Lets pretend his obviously faked birth certificates are real. He doesn't fit the constitutional requirement of being a natural born citizen, because its common knowledge his Dad is from Kenya.

    He is also a member of the nation of Islam. I have no problem with any religion; however, he lies and says that he isn't anymore. Part of the religion of Islam is that once you join, you swear to be a member forever and to convert all nun-muslims to become muslims.

    Finally, he is trying to create the One World Government, or as the illuminati folks believe, the New World Order.

    Anyone who believes in Amnesty for illegals (most liberals) doesn't believe in sovereignty. Once we don't have sovereignty within our borders, we can easily be molded into the One World Government.

    Google committee of foreign relations and see what they have been talking about.

    [ame=]Ron Paul asked about NWO and One World Government - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]RON PAUL CONFIRMS NEW WORLD ORDER!!! - YouTube[/ame]

    Basically, Obama is for the One World Government, he won't say it but his policies reflect this.
  12. LMAO! Are you serious and not on medication?

    I'm one to say you never can tell in regards to government conspiracies but one little man, who has obviously so effectively converted so many people to Nation of Islam is one hell of a capable man. The great evil dictator that he is.

    I think (Aaaaaaargh! I don't want to say it!!!) the reality is that I along with a whole load of other people who said NEVER AGAIN about trusting a politician got suckered in. The political system is such a joke. The occupy movement better sort this out.

    I think I should just always support THE WORST candidate and party. Although i don't obviously vote in the USA. I've messed up enough times here.

  13. If you wanna do your part, you should look into supporting this guy

    Nigel Farage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    [ame=]Heroic speech,Nigel Farage - YouTube[/ame]
  14. I am never hoping again. Never. No hope. No change. No i cannot do it.

  15. brother, can we talk to you for a minute, about Cthulhu...




  16. I've been thinking about this a lot after he signed NDAA. I just don't understand this man. He has a really good family and seems very polite and down to earth when he's around normal people. Then he goes back to Washington and completely changes. So I'm not sure what the hell is going on here. Either he's evil and one of the best actors in history, he's good hearted but has absolutely no control over whats going on and cant fight the system in the fear of being killed, or he's this super genius thats allowing as much as he can go through letting the guys pulling the strings think theyve got him and then he pulls this master move when the time is right and completely changes the world. The massive amount of gray hair is telling to me. Yeah,he's getting older but he looks really stressed about something. I wouldn't think just the long hours would do that to a person. If he was in control, he'd be chill and livin it up, but it doesn't appear that way. He certainly never seems thrilled about anything he is promoting or signing. I'm hoping for the latter of course. We'll see. If not, its up to us to take over this shit and make it right again. It'll be a wild year.

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