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  1. Hello.
    Women are fucking weird! I am a girl but like...holy shit some women just make me
    lol idk how to explain this well but i personally enjoy kickin it with guys more. There are very few girls that i actually enjoy. Not many girls are chillers XD

    And as for guys, dammit, i want to meet a super laid back and smart dude who wud just kick it with me and smoke weed. We cud go on adventures and fuck in random places lolzzz ive noticed that most guys are pretty girly - they do their hair and worry about how they look all the time (at least where i live...).

    shwat the fuck?!

    i need to fucking search for chill people
  2. I don't do my hair!!! Lolzzz
  3. Hahaha I hear you. Im a guy and I agree women are fuckin crazy but i still love em...
    And I dont think itll be to hard to find a guy who just wants to fuck and smoka lota pot, just keep lookin. Santa Cruz is dope too I went there a few months ago. :smoke:
  4. Deletedd

  5. why didnt you call mee?!??!!?

    ha ha jkk...
  6. Im THAT guy..... ;)
  7. .....there's only 1 girl like you that I know and she's always had a b/f.

    That's pretty much the case 100% of the time, I'll like a girl and then find out she has a b/f or she'll get one before I say anything.

    Yea most girls do not like weed, at all. I'd be ecstatic to find one who can smoke with me, 1/4oz a week at least
  8. Im startin to realise how crazy alot of girls are, i need to find someone with your attitude!
  9. Where have you been all my life darling?
  10. and full rep bar in 3...2...1...
  11. and also i went this sick ass concert..and the ratio of girls to guys was way off. soo many dudes. and i was like wtf. girls are gay (altho some are supaa dopee) - they go see dumb ass shit like Jay Sean or Miley Cirus or something. HA
  12. yea girls have HORRIBLE taste in music. that's also a huge problem.
  13. My dick is pleased to meet you, come on in.
  14. yes most girls do have a fucking terribllleee taste in music!! fuck fuck! i am ashamed
  15. honestly.. most girls i know arent the kinda of crazy douchebags you're describing.. and i myself defintely am not.. but yes, most girls do have terrible taste in music

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