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so does this mean?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by OG bub, May 26, 2006.

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  1. \"Seasoned toker\"

    so does this mean I taste good?
  2. did you grow that?
  3. I really don\'t think he did. :confused_2:
  4. actually you fucking noob, I BRED that..

    Its the 4thGen Incross of the Columbian Pheno of the Original Haze bred in California in th 70\'s....

    That is HTC Haze boy.. Its sold at about $80USD on seedboutique.. and will get you closer to the tru PurpleHaze than you would have otherwise ever had a chance.

    come over to IC mag and ask 1 hairy quiestion about OG bub..... Im Quite tight with BOG and the most renownend inthe US since him.

    but no, since you havent grown anything NEARLY as pretty as onna my smallest indoor bitches... I diddnt grow it...right?

    if you knew who you were talkin to you\'da shutup before you posted..

    feckin NOOB!

    tokingtoker...what never seen a fucking haze plant?


    so do the \"seasond\" tokers here even share the simplicity of the noobs? WTF?
  5. Oh shit... wait.. mabeyI hafta post seedling shots to make you lil boyz feel Ive been where you

    Ok Ill play yer \"seasoned\"

    here: the Haze Mother, outdoor last year..

    now go look me up...punk..

    I came here humble(see first post):) Ill stay here to slay ignorant noobs:devious:
  6. Oh toking toker.....
    heres one more for ya juss so the rest of the board sees how fucking dum you just now were.....

    here......grrrr .........grrr...lemme.......grrr slip...this....grrrrr.... in yer................................................. noobie ass: :wave:

    hows that taste in yer throat?

    whaddabout this?

    shamrock was bright enuff to think I was posting Images I didnt grow... mabey he will take summa tha gritt for ya...

  7. Wow, man. You should really chill out a little.
  8. yeah go smoke one or somthing go easy on the guy, like u said he/she is new!!!
  9. should I?

    did you just get accuse of NOT growing a plantline youve had in yer garden for nearly 10 yrs?

    I have no remourse in giving it to ignorant noobs, they destroy communities and spread misinformation like plague...

    but 6 yrs on weed forums hasnt taught me anything....
  10. Listen shut the fuck up, if you\'re going to get all mr. pissypants because I said i really don\'t THINK Key fucking word: THINK that you bred it. I\'m a noob? I\'m sure your triple posting violates the rules on these boards and I have more post count and joined before you. Who\'s the stupid little cockey noob now? You my friend. Yeah really, take some chill pills or some tylenol Pm cause no one wants a bitchy asshole like you on here. If you\'re calling me a noob you better wake the fuck up and quit your dreaming, boy. End of discussion you worthless bum. :wave:

    And yes we really do need an admin in here due to the fact that this child is having a temper tandrum over the internet. What a joke.
  11. Jeez man just chill out smoke some of that bud that you bred. These are forums were everyones entitled to their opinion. If you don\'t agree with em, fuck \'em, move on to the next thread.
  12. peep this....youre both noobs on these forums, so both of yall chill out and smoke a joint....cause the mods/admins dont like it when people argue, especially when youre new on these forums.
  13. tell that to the amature hoes who invade my thread...
    I got checked in my own thread.. yer silly fer not tellin these guests of mine to lay back..... dont you think?
    dude, I came here with love, check my posts, got nothing but hate from jelous punk noobs..

    good point tho. for those who can respect a \"seasond\" pothead tryin to share some love
    move on!:wave:

    TokingToker only the title of an under 18 highskool burnout.. I wanna grow weed!;)
    show yer shit then noob?
    shouldnt of thoght so fast?
    you smell n taste like shit, shouldnt be in the seasond tokers forum... we be tastin good here:hello:
  14. Wykid....

    peep this......

    tell the invader with no love to show some respect.....:wave:
  15. just calm down man, youre putting him down every chance you get. not a good way to make a first impression...a million plants or not.
  16. I don\'t show love to little boys who think they\'re bad ass because they bred something. When summer starts you will see my breedinggrounds. You\'re not a seasoned toker, you know why? Cause you\'re a noob just like me. And it takes a real man to admit he\'s a noob, unlike you. Now I don\'t have time to waste with pesks like you. G\'Bye:wave:

  17. So you have posted on marijuana forums for 6 years yet you lack the knowledge or common sense that if you want to brag about your grow do it in the grow section?

    You should really chill out, growings not a contest, in additon your leaving a great first impression like wykid said.
  18. noob eh? lol 10yrs breedin, 14 growing,.. sher Id love to see yer bagseed breedground hidden in yer mommas tomato garden..... you pro you...

    1st impression?

    if this is my first impression to you, YOU are a noob to this whole scheme.... Ive been on the biggest seedbanks in the world for the last 3 years......

    right now there is a place people are looking at you all, and laughing... its called the entire rest of the MJ internet..... I know because I linked it, and gave my review, to actual, MJ cultivators... not shoolkids scraping resin outta their metal pipes..

    Fuck you all if you dont see I came here with respect... who is in whos thread causing bullshit? eh boys?
    I dead serious, check my posts, if yer big enuff to enter my thread and comment on my intent... not many posts to look thru..
    All Ive tried to do is share here. with resapect.

    not my fault if a noob has a chip on his shoulder because my plants are pretty....

    go learn to grow pot. and dont pick on a guy who does... it woint make you any better.....

    hey josh. lick my ass... I wasnt proving myself in this thread.... my own thread.... till I got questioned........

    you bunch of fucking amatures just wont learn will ya... Im ashamed that half of you are mabey americans tooo....damn ignorants....
  19. jesus I need to learn to type..
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