So does anyone here enjoy reading?

Discussion in 'General' started by whiskey dick, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. I'm a voracious reader in my free time. I enjoy just about every genre. Books I've read in the past month or so.

    The erotic adventures of sleeping beauty (entire series), by a.n. roqulere (Ann Rice pseudonym)

    The 5 book Percy Jackson series. Younger folk sort of book but superb premise & very well written. (author escapes me at the moment)

    Just started James Patterson's Maximum Ride

    Robert Mchammon's Swan Song. (written in the 80's but still a huge story, post apocalyptic survival, ad a whole lot of wow)

    Melville's Moby Dick

    Working on Robinson Crusoe again

    a handful of tech manuals & other assorted periodicals.

    what have you been reading?
  2. Just got it in the mail today

    Please Stand By: A Prehistory of Television


    It's all about television before 1948....pretty interesting
  3. I love reading information. I cant stand novels. Now if its about the complexity of our universe or how to build a bomb, then Im interested
  4. of course man, the reward I find from reading is that you are the one that has to come up with the image, setting, how exactly each character acts and behaves and how exactly you're going to act towards each page and twist of the story... stuff you think about that couldn't possibly be portrayed by someone else' film or vision. That to me, is why I love to get into a good book around christmas because i have hell all else to do :)

    If there's any of you that like WW2 documentaries/dramas/narration then a great one is Red Road from Stalingrad.. keeps you hooked after the first couple pages :smoking::D
  5. I did when I was in prison.
  6. I go through a couple books or so a week. I don't have much to do at work, and it really helps pass the times.
    I'm a big big fan of Mark Z. Danielewski. Crazy shit that man writes.
  7. At least 4 books a week. Stoners get their read on mothafucka. :D:smoking:

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