so do these look about ready?

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  1. most of my buds look like that so i just have 1 picture. i harvested my cola 3 days ago. and now harvesting the smaller buds. 8 weeks and like 5 days

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    The best way to tell is to let the trichomes speak for themselves! get a pocket microscope, and check them out!
    if the trichs are clear, they are not ready! the THC has not built up its full potency.
    If they are milky, expect a good head buzz, a very cerebral and social high.
    If you have amber (brown) trichs, one can expect a couch lock style high.
    Most growers generally harvest when the trichs are 50% amber 50% milky, but it is all up to your preference!
    My guess, looking at the picture is that your plant has at least a few days to continue flowering. If you look at the pistils (little hairs on the bud) you want them to be just about all brown/red/orange, and I still see a hand full of white pistils at the top of the Cola. Don't rush it man! Let it reach its full potency.
    Nice buds by the way!
  3. yeah alotttt of cloudy trichomes small amounts of amber
  4. If i was you, I personally would let it flower for only a few more days, only feeding her water. (no more nutes) But again, you are the grower, you are the boss. Make the plant how you want it!:smoke:
  5. right now im gonna let it go for darkness for about 48 hours
  6. oh and i have another problem, bud doesnt smell!!! im drying cola and i waas sniffing it, and it doesnt smell at all! i guess it smells like pine needles? thats what i read some other people saying when it doesnt really smell. but when itouch it and smell my fignrs, it smells . whaht can be wrong? the nutes?

    i read that it may be the humidity. too low?

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