all colleges assign housing on a first come, first serve basis?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    So yesterday I emailed my college asking about my housing information (I was worried since it's mid-August and I still haven't received anything), and they said they were "full, and that I won't get any housing unless people cancel, but I can always send them another email to see if I can stay at a hotel half a mile from campus until a spot opens"....That's fucking bullshit. They said that, although I'm a returning student, I'm getting thrown in with the general population because I didn't send my contract early enough (I sent it a month after it opened, so in March). They said that I should "think of a plan B". Living on campus WAS my plan B, I only sent that god damned contract after I realized how hard it was finding a job, so it would be a fallback point....Now I'm scrambling for a car AND a job to pay for that fucking car/gas/food for the school year because I won't have a mealplan.

    I just think this is ridiculous. My college boasts about how fucking awesome they are, and how everyone should live on campus...but they only have 2000 spots. It doesn't help that they've been adding new majors/colleges and building new buildings for them (like a medical school that they just added, I can't even begin to think how many people will be living on campus just for that)....Yet they don't even bother to add a new housing option besides a crappy hotel. I don't want to sleep in spermy sheets for an entire year.

    Oh, did I mention that I got a fucking housing scholarship which covered housing plus a bit extra? So yeah, now I have to pay even more out of pocket....

    Sorry for the long post, I'm just ranting. That college has brought me nothing but trouble, first it brought me legal I might not have a way to further my education....Fuck.
  2. Jeez, that's a tough spot you're in ... Usually, colleges finish the housing construction before the new campus comes up ... Never mind ... Hope someone cancels soon and you get the spot ... Good luck :smoke:

  3. So are you blaming your school or are you blaming yourself?


  4. Thanks man, I'm really hoping that things will come together on their own.

    Well I'm partially to blame, but I still sent in my forms before incoming freshman got a chance to register for anything. For freshman housing, I didn't even sign up until the middle of May my senior year.
  5. I didnt even get classes. mutha fucka are bribing teachers now . fuck it
  6. This happened to me last year. I made iowa university's honors program and part of it entailed special housing. I was under the impression that my housing was all taken care of but when I showed up for orientation they said I didn't get any housing. They also decided to tell me when I showed up that not even half my credits would transfer... I had a meeting with them two months prior and this was the first I heard of it.

    Basically it comes down to a failure of communication. Both of us should've looked at the fine print but it's also the job of the advisor, counselor and basically the school to assist people like us going through this for the first time.
  7. well, lack of communication is probably the one thing my school is good for. i'm going to reply asking what will happen to my housing scholarship if I decide to commute, and then I might casually mention how I'm going to start looking for a different school for second semester and the remainder of my college career.
  8. Most colleges are first come first serve. No place has the housing availability to keep up with the demand. That's when they start forcing more people into rooms. Doubles become triples, triples quads etc etc. it sucks but it's the way it works. That's why I got my housing for this upcoming semester completely squared away before I was even done with freshman year.
  9. at my school they have had to put some students in apartments & hotels because the dorms fill up, but usually the returning students get their housing before new comers.

    didn't you fill out paperwork on housing at the end of last semester?

    you could always get more financial aid & move off campus.
    for me it was $2000 cheaper to live in an apartment than on campus, but we had buses running every 15 min from our apartment complexes, so transportation wasnt an issue.

    then again, we have "drunk buses" from all the apartments that take you downtown on weekends, they run every 30 minutes or so until 3 am.

    ECU :cool:
  10. I'm just gonna start keeping an eye out for a decent car and job. I figure it would be better to get started with life sooner than later.

    I probably won't be living in an apartment until next year, I'll just have to stick it out with my parents (sigh). But I plan on transferring after this year, I guess this was the cherry on top for my miserable career at this school.

    The thing that bothers me the most is that the dorms have been overcrowded for years now, so they were aware that it was a problem. Instead of adding a new dormitory they built a new building for med students (which won't be a major at my school for a few more years anyway) instead of adding another dorm building...even if it was large enough to fit 200 people. Their next project is a new building for computer science students, which I think they've started already.
  11. What college? I ask mostly so I can avoid this one come grad school time.
  12. [quote name='"Slammo"']What college? I ask mostly so I can avoid this one come grad school time.[/quote]

    How old are you? :agepolice:
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  15. Yes because it's the easiest and fastest way to get housing sorted out.
  16. happened to me last year. i was mad as fuck. luckily within a couple of weeks i was offered housing cuz there were openings from people that didn't show up.
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