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so dissapointed

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by smokeituptokeit, May 31, 2009.

  1. Just called up a buddy of mine for some beans and his boy has some but i would have to drive all the way into town which is like a 25 min drive and i dont have my car right now and none of my friends are nice enough to drive me even if i give them gas money.
    Man... theres so many parties tonight and i was planning on rollin so hard and smokin bud all night and havin such a good time but now im just angry
  2. I'm assuming you have either a DUI or just no vehicle.. either better get a car or a 49cc moped! That does suck though..

  3. drunkard mobiles for the win!!!
  4. run to town, get high, and then on the walk back have a spiritual experience haha, I would be totally content with that. Just bring the water bottles. Seriously, free yourself, get smashed, For like 3 days straight when I was 17 I was walking about taking all the drugs I could find haha, Make a trip by feet, because that is when it becomes a real trip.
  5. This, I do it all the time. eating shrooms and walking around drinking beers is the best thing on the face of the earth

  6. i can imagine that getting me hella sick lol
  7. you would think it would but I have done this like ten times and only been sick once cause I was drunk before I ate the mushies
  8. True, wine and mushrooms is always a goofy for me.
  9. what type of wine do you drink
  10. I really like [yellow tail]. I also like to drink Hennesy, even though it is considered what all the rappers drink or whatever, it is actually really fucking good haha. It is very tasty.
  11. Im a port man myself. its a drink for drunks but fuck it whatever.
  12. Yeah haha. Hennesy gives me a great drunk, like with mushrooms it is the giddiest shit haha.

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