so depressed atm.

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  1. I havent posted on this forum in a few years.
    Let me run a little background, Iv been smoking weed through a bong almost everyday for the last 2 years.
    Recently iv had to stop smoking weed, due to getting intense migraines every time I smoke (its not bud related).
    The migraines have been more consistent, most importantly its stopped me from doing any of my university work for the last few weeks.

    Iv been to the doctor twice regarding it, and I was just told to take some ibroprophenes, but it didnt solve the pain.
    Only icecream did.
    Im so stressed and its affecting my head and making me depressed.
    Iv been living away from home due to university, and I havent seen my family properly since the new years. (Excluding 4 days during easter break, but that wasnt enough time :( ).
    Not seeing them + having a high workload + having loads of deadlines + the migraine which appeared a couple weeks ago + the doctors not being able to give me an extension to work on my assignments has just caused me a lot of stress, as i type this I have this migraine and its unbearable.
    I dont know what to do until monday, as thats the soonest i can go and see the university counciller.
  2. It's surprising that weed doesn't help your migraines. I don't know what I can tell you though, I rarely get headaches. Good luck.
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  3. I was informally told by the doctor I could be developing one, but for the last 3 weeks Its felt like someone is harshly squeezing the upper front right part of my brain. It started like a cramp, and its been in that same spot for 3 weeks.

  4. If I were you I'd be worried that it could be something more serious, but I'm not trying to scare you or anything...
  5. Did your doctor do tests? If not, find a new doc as this one seems to be blowing you off. New onset of severe headaches isn't something to ignore. If ice cream helps that's a clue so get a second opinion as soon as you can. See if a brain freeze from drinking ice water stops your headache as well.
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  6. Prob should get a CT scan.
  7. so tell the doctor that over the counter medication didn't solve the issue?
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  8. should go to a doctor again. sounds like you might be getting cluster headaches.
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  9. Its a different doctor surgery than usual, because the university doctors is shut during the holidays.
    It will reopen on monday where I will go and get an appointment first thing.

    EDIT: The doctor could not physically see anything wrong with me :/

    I phoned the NHS (Uk national health service) last night, and they said I need to go to the doctors again to go through the steps of getting a scan.
    Iv phoned them twice within the last 3 weeks regarding the same issue.

    This is all so much hastle for me, for the last 3 weeks I have been unable to work on my assignment which is due in on thursday. Its not that I was lazy, its just that when I reach a certain level of excitement it starts to hurt again (My university work is very fun).
    Recently I have caught a flu, for the few days I was at home, and everything just feels intensified, I have a swollen back of mouth and its hard to concentrate on anything, even if I forced myself to do this assignment, I couldnt :/

  10. An MRI would be better if I'm not mistaken.
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  11. No clue to be honest.
  12. Breathe, These feelings of stress and worry aren't going to last forever. You can do it.
  13. Are you thinking OP isn't already breathing?
  14. I meant to deep breathe to aid relaxation. :smoke:
  15. Breathing exercises can work during anxiety attacks.
  16. Yes they are but also abit more pricey if his insurance won't cover it I don't know how it works in the uk
  17. Staying hydrated? I used to get nasty ones gettin high all the time not aware I was depriving myself of water regularly went to the doc they said I had cluster headaches but in reality it was I just needed to drink more water more often
  18. 1. NSAIDS (ibuprofen, naproxen, motrin, advil) have lower liver toxicity than tylenol.
    Tylenol has killed more people than weed ever could.
    2. The pain may be an anxiety thing Depression is a mental health issue, and the medical specialty for depression is psychiatry.

    "Not seeing them + having a high workload + having loads of deadlines + the migraine which appeared a couple weeks ago + the doctors not being able to give me an extension to work on my assignments has just caused me a lot of stress, as i type this I have this migraine and its unbearable."

    Not seeing loved ones and a high workload with deadlines are stress related problems.
    The sole physical symptom are migraines and back pain (according to what you wrote).

    So the CT scan and MRI would be useful for the physical stuff, but not the other stressors. It could be cancer, and he should get an exam, but it is more likely to be a depression thing.

    Make sure to tell your doctors about any head injuries. I would consider seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist, because major depression can cause migraines. That kind of delirium caused by the flu is also similar to a psychotic episode, and psychotic episodes are actually pretty common during severe depression.
  19. Water is free, and it is not going to hurt.
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  20. It's surprising how many people don't drink water get through every day drinking coffee sports drinks cola ect
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