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  1. Im running into what could be 3 major problems caused by errors in my growing process. Two leaves are curling up, two hanging down, and the stem is fat, then skinny halfway to the leaves then fat again.

    I just turned the light off concerned i could be burning the plant...the stem seems to be getting skinnier.

  2. first pic you can see the right leave sort of discolored and curling up.

    second pic is harder because its near the soil but the root is very very thin and slightly brown
  3. plant it deeper in the soil. so only about 1/2 in or so is above the surface. you may loose the plant because it shouldn't be exposed to light! don't give it any nutrients what so ever, MG has stuff in it already and that could be a problem.

    Good Luck
    Peace :smoking:
  4. could be light burn caused by hot spots
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    why are you taking your plant out and showing the roots?
    your really shouldnt do that.

    just pulling the plant up will probably have ripped some roots, and letting them see light will damage them further.

    the soil looks too wet. other than that it looks pretty normal.

    its not rocket science man, if you freak out like this every time your plant doesnt look 100% healthy, it'll be dead from abuse long before flowering time. chill :)

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