So Close To The End - Please Help

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  1. First of all, thank you all in advance for any input you may be able to provide. Please believe I've done my due diligence with trying to resolve it on my own in reading through everything I could.
    Quick Overview:
    • Super Silver Haze
    • 8 weeks into 12/12
    • crawlspace converted grow room
    • 3x 600 hps
    • soil
    • foxfarm feeding schedule (applying a little over 1/2 of manufature-recommended amounts)
    • occasional molasses/water mix
    • ~1000 cfm out
    • ~500 cfm in
    • scrog
    • co2 pellets used sparingly
    • average ph is 6.5
    • average temp is 75 but canapy has reached mid 80s at times (I've done everything I can think of/afford to remedy this - open to any help here too)
    Hopefully this gives a quick rundown of the situation but if there's any additional information that would helpful please let me know.
    Everything has been looking very good all along this grow. The fan leaves were yellowing/fading as I expected them to since they were getting close to harvest. But I don't think I've had plants that went this rapidly, and I'm estimating they still need another 2 - 4 weeks. The pics will describe them better than I can here.
    On a related note, the reason the issue went on unadressed toward the beggining is that I only ever see the plants under the hps lights or an out-of-spectrum head lamp. In that light things looked completely different than they did once I brought one of the girls up to take a better look (the room is isolated from the rest of the house and dragging a plant out of the crawlspace is something I try and avoid. Any way around the deceptive lighting???


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  2. what exactly is the problem.  i can't find where you really say...
  3. I'm sorry for the lack or clarity. You're right - I don't think I did ;-)
    The fan leaves are dropping off extremely fast. I'm worried there's a nutrient deficiency but can't identify it with any sort of confidence. My fear is that something went wrong and now that they're close to harvest they'll be compromised.
  4. Anyone? ..... pretty please?
  5. Hey esoterick!!!!!, your babes have been in bud for 2 MONTHS, really what can you expect, I can only suggest that you relocate the grow space closer to your house, so the over powering stench of cannabis, just might remind you to harvest !!!
    Should this be a late to very late harvest ...your smoke will be of couch lock standard, see the trics on the bud, have gone from clear to white to amber to light brown, is couch lock stage, you may need a glass to see the trics, should I be wrong, then just foilar spray nutes, half teaspoon to a pint hand sprayer 1x time per week, water daily.
    good luck
  6. V -

    Thank you so much! I feel a whole lot better having an expert opinion. Triches seem to indicate I have another week or two still. Was worried about a deficiency. Thanks again for your input.

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