So close to harvest I can taste it

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  1. so today is day 46 of flower. I have bought a 60-100x microscope but finding it hard to use. I sniped a few leave tips to help. My first question does it matter if your focusing on the thc on the leaves or shuld I be trying to look at the thc on the bud?
    Watering is in two days, im thinking to have this as the last feed? It will be 1 day off 7 weeks.
    These are the best pics I managed today, any tips on useing the scope would be appreciated lol
    When I'm looking it's a bit more clear than these pics, I'm seeing clear with a few Amber, not looking so cloudy. What can you see(if anything)
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    I think I'll have to go buy another scope. A few further back:

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. You can taste those 21 days until she's ready to chop, then the 7-14 days to dry, then at least 14 to cure lol
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  3. You have at least a couple of weeks. Clean up the dead plant matter - it invites bugs.
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  4. So yous think another 2/3 weeks till chop?
    Mick The dead leaves are mainly the back right plant, there's lots underneath too. Bad scrog planning (can't get there)!
    And nomid that's close enough, germed beginning May lol..
  5. I've read to check the trichs on the buds, not sugar leaves. On my last plant the trichs on the sugar leaves matured much faster than the ones on the buds themselves

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  6. TYVM!

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