So close and yet so far....

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  1. So here I am in the Dominican Republic after 3 years of having left in search for a better future in the US. Last year I started smoking weed and it has changed my life for the better, I love it and now I even use it medically (although I don't live in a medical marijuana state I use it to regulate my sleeping schedule).

    But over here even though the bud is supposedly cheap, I can't have access to it. Is not that I don't know whom to ask or that I am scared of the severe penalty (it is very unlikely to get caught), the only thing that prevents me from going up to the guys, whom I know sell it, is the stigma that comes with it. The very fact that I would not know what the reaction of my family would be, should they know I smoke.

    Coming here has made me realize that we as a society prefer to be spoon fed a lie that is more than sixty years old. Than to face the inherit defects of our own society, just like in the united states here in my country we love to believe that some problems don't come from people, but rather a substance. How can I feel so at home in the land where I was born, but yet so alone and foreign in ideologies. And if they lied to me about this, what else would they lie about? I don't even want to know at this point.
  2. Grow your own :D
  3. Move back to the U.S. its easier to find drug dealers on the streets there. USA! USA!

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