So car impounded = consent to search? Leagal advice thread.

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  1. Cliffs at end.

    I got rolled today for not having my seat belt on because it was broke. Cop impounded my car because it wasn't safe to drive then proceeded to "inventory" my interior while i told him repeatedly, "I don't consent to any searches officer." He said that was fine but he had to inventory my interior and that I was free to go. I left as he was searching and made it 2 miles down the road before he stopped and arrested me. Did he get me proper or should I fight?

    Cliff: Impounded car, cop does "inventory", finds bud, arrests me two miles away after I was already let free.

    Did he get me proper or should I fight?
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    why diddnt you ask to grab some personal stuff out like a backpack or soem tissues its still your car homie or you coulda opted to have it towed by your place of choice
  3. He never left my door after I was told I would be impounded. I had a grinder, two bowls, a bag of bud and an ash tray full of 20-30 roaches, not really something I could've just stuck in my pocket.

    That's beside the point, I was caught. Was the search legal?
  4. Watch the movie "A better life". It's legit man :laughing: Was like so serious and I was baked as hell. It does relate to your situation though.
  5. yea it was legal he needs to inventory whats inside so incase you report somthing missing they have a report of what was in it on the site before impound
  6. Yes its legal.

    Who the hell rides around daily in a beater with 20 roaches in the ash tray?

    You're asking for trouble and you found it. Come on man

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