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  1. Well let me start by saying I just bought a new used 2005 Ford f150. I like it cause it's much higher off the ground.
    Plus I'm used to sedans but I got it mainly for my job.So anyway today after work I went to get some food and parked it behind the restaurant. I sat there and smoked a few hitters. Being stoned and hungry I started backing out to go through the drive thru. I started to turn the the wheel while looking back and for some reason I accidentally put in neutral and just my luck a car comes up in front of me. I flip out and got nervous and put it in reverse again and backed the truck up a curb and a light post. Although it just dented the driver side back door any suggestions on getting a dent out of the side of my door? I'll post pictures tomorrow! Thanks everyone happy smoking!

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  2. they sell dent pullers at harbor freight, for like $20
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  3. I haven't tried this myself so use at your own risk, but I've seen videos of people using boiling water to get dents out going around...

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