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So called medical jollys?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Weefermadness, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. My friend said he had medical candies. He said they were one for 10. I took 2 and they were not that good. Here is a picture of them. Are they legit

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  2. Look legit to me, what did they taste and smell like. Where'd he get them from, if it's a legit dispensary you should be good.
  3. The said Cali. They tasted pretty good, like watermelonish to a very strong taste of bud. When I ate it I waited a few hours a did not feel anything. The candie itself had a bumpy texture if that helps.
  4. sometimes edibles don't effect some people
  5. They taste like bud and have a horrable taste at the end of the candie. It also had a bumpy texture. But I ate one and waited a few hours and nothing happend. He said he got then from Cali. Is 10$ also over priced for these types of edibbles.
  6. Nah from what you've describe they sound legit, could just be a not very potent batch, or they could be really old. Some people are also not used to edible highs and as such dismiss them.
  7. All I can say is dont give up on edibles. Out of the 8ish times ive tried it, only one really fucked me up... and it fucked up me up hard!
  8. trueee thaaat. i had a brownie once and it didnt so shit then couple weeks later tryed a muffin and WOWOW fucked my day right now. I wasnt expecting it at all.
  9. There are many factors at play here.

    As said, could be a less than potent batch, could be that one sucker didn't get much thc. Also

    Edibles can take 3X as much medicine as smoking it. It can take up to an hour to kick in. However, it can also last much longer, be more intense, and a different high than you're used to.
  10. Depends on your weight, tolerance, metabolism, everything. I think that medibles are really hit or miss, there really isnt a way to control the amount in each brownie or treat per say. It's like gambling, sometimes you might get the right slice - that potent one. Either way, I usually just get really tired and lazy when I eat marij.

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