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  1. This is a biggun. Idk if I'm even in the right place for this but this is by far my favorite fourm. Recently my so called best friend has been being a real dick. He's turning all my friends against me and convincing them that I just want to make money off of them (im their dealer) when this is not the case at all. They now believe that because we're friends I shouldn't be making money off them. Bull shit. Now they don't kick it with me and I have few friends that understand my situation. Idk what to do. These people clearly aren't my friends if they're willing to kick me out of the group over a couple dollars of profit on my end. And also they claim that I barely smoke them out and I smoke their weed way more. That part is what gets to me bc I've smoked them out so much it's not even funny. This is what makes me think they're trying to take advantage of me. It's just hard when 90% of your friends are against you. What do you guys think?
  2. Get all your cash together set it on a table in front of you and take a pic with a fatty in your mouth n send it to em.
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  3. Ditch them dude. They don't sound like very good friends, hell I buy weed from my friends to SUPPORT them cause they're my friends and that's what friends do. Sometimes they'll smoke me up but if your friends expect it from you then it is a problem cause then it seems like they just want to chill for bud. The ones that understand are worth keeping though, but from what you've said the others definitely aren't friends or they were but got greedy
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  4. Ya sound like D-bags man. If they can't respect there buddys trying to make a side hustle then there taking advantage of ya...

    What do they expect? Free weed?

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  5. They say not to deal directly to friends because then they want handouts. If youre giving them deala just dont bother asking them if theyre interested. Let people come to you.

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  6. In my opinion, sit down with the people you consider your close friends. Explain the situation and state " I'm not trying to be pushy I'm here if you need any help. Explain your not even making that much money and if someone's got a better deal go for it. Regarding the smoking them out just be like. I will smoke you out and you got me next time. If they are true friends they will honour that.

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  7. Simple.Do not deal to your friends. Explain that you've been hearing about other friends dissing you for it and that you will no longer be dealing to personal friends. Should have been doing this in the first place I suppose. One of two things will happen.
    1) They'll understand that you won't sell to them (win),
    2) They won't be your friend anymore, in which case they never were (win),
    3) They'll realize that they're turning into mooching douche bags & continue to buy from you (win).
    Life is simple.
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  8. What I normally do when things get heated like that is I just walk away and disappear for a while. People will come back to me if they're genuine, if they're not.. well then too bad.

    Malt Teezer pretty much nailed it.
  9. Let the jackasses buy from someone else. Quit hanging out with the little bitches. They're not your friends.
  10. I've bought weed from friends many, many times. I usually get a certain "friend discount" but I don't expect anything for free. If they were really friends, they would understand that you need to make money selling or you CAN'T EVEN SELL AT ALL.

    It sucks when friends turn against you but all I can say is move on. If there are some friends worth saving, try to save those, kick the rest. One of the keys to a healthy life is knowing how to end toxic relationships.
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  11. You're "friends" sound like dicks cut them off and tell them to find another plug.. A few of my friends sell weed when I buy of them I don't expect any special treatment but they all throw me a Lil extra and usually smoke me up and we chill
  12. Perfect summation here. Friends as customers will always change the dynamics of social interaction. Customers as clients and you have a successful business model.

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