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Discussion in 'General' started by pointfive, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. hey.. anyone in so cal.. hit me up!!
    im looking to meet other smokers.
    aim=pointfivesmokes :wave:
  2. for that matter id like to meet up with any of you millionaires out just send me copy of social security card, birth certificate and your recent bank staments.....i just wanna be your new friend,.i swear :D
  3. hilarious highawatha!
  4. really hillarious.. what nobody talks out side of the forums?
  5. Hell no. I don't even leave my house. GC = LIFE.
  6. just when dealing with erb and all and ur first few posts are about meeting and tokin with people or whatever you may come off as a narc to some...
  7. oh.. i see.. that makes sence.. i am not now nor have i ever been affiliated with the right side of the law.. any govt. agencys.. any police or informants or any of that informer she-aight.. a-lickie-boom-boom-down....
    but surely if i smoke i aint a narc right? and naturally, as a n00b on this forum, im anxious to see what kinda folks hang round here.. im sure most newbies are looking to meet people arent they?

  8. if thats the case count me in... and any billionaires or trillionaires or smokers in so. cali too..

  9. bill gates is the richest man on earth...his net worth is like 50billion i trillionares, pointfive? what's point five?

  10. hhhm,.pointfive=.5 wich is half of 1 or the way i think half of 100=50
    or 5 O or 5 OH :eek:

    either way its cute...
    wow on the music

    p.s if anybody hears from bill send him my way
  11. you just signed up for grasscity and allready want to meet some of us. you must be out of your mind.
    Iv had PMs ppl just signing up and asking me if i can score some weed for them. HAHAHAH
    oh yeah, like im gonna score some weed from someone i dont know. PPL this is a discussion board not a "meet single stoners" forum lol
    who knows maybe youll get lucky at 5aM :eek:

  12. JEEZ!! Okay, Okay, Okay... you got me.. yes i was looking for herb... :eek:
    it was going on day 3 with no buds.. i was going nuts.. nuts enough to seek refuge here..
    and know what?!? I LIKE IT HERE!! everyone's been cool.. i even got to chat with some folks.. unfortunately i didnt meet anyone from CA.. but fortunately mary jane found me.
    then from there it was all good.. :smoke:

  13. AHAHAH awsome man. spark one up :)
    welcome you phsyco haha j/k you know caly rocks. l.a. here but try not to get to close heh

  14. i thought he was on the 5, like the 5 point star, peoples nation, it didn't occur to me he was from cali...gangs...haha
  15. what is "on the 5, like the 5 point star, peoples nation" ?:confused:?

  16. haha chicago gangs... peoples are to bloods as folks are to crips
  17. cool.. im in OC.. you should come down sometime.. there's this free drumnbass club on friday nights where every time were all gettin high on the patio... bongs and bubblers n shitt.. its like a place to show off glass.. almost.. but it'd be a chill place to smoke a bowl... and make new friends..

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