So-Cal Outdoor Grow 2016

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  1. Hello everyone,
    So this is my second outdoor grow season and I'm super stoked! I have three grows total under my belt, I feel like I am always learning and getting a better feel for the plants each grow. This season I will be doing Skywalker OG, Birthday Cake Kush, and Thin Mint GSC. I plan to veg these babies out till about June 1st. Before planting them in 25 gallon containers and 15 gallon smart pots. I don't know how many males I will get, but I plan to clone each plant before putting them out, then pulling the males when they show sex, also throwing out the clones that match the males.
    March 25
    The three plants on the left are female Skywalker OG clones. The cups to the right are seedlings of Birthday cake Kush in the front, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies in the rear.

    Here is another pic of the girls on March 30.

    April 18
    And here are these beauties today under 3 x 4 foot T5 bulbs. I have 3 clones, and a total of nine successful seedlings that germinated out of 10 seeds. I will keep you guys updated =) Thank you for reading.. Peace
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  2. Would it be smarter if I wait around the same time as you to transfer it to a bigger pot?

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  3. you should transfer yours into a larger pot now if you are going to do it. Because you already have your plant outside permanently for the season, i am assuming. I still have mine indoors so that they can veg longer, I don't want them to bloom early on me. If you transfer it now, your plant will have plenty of time to grow a larger root network before flower. You don't want to transplant during flower.
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  4. I have four GSC in soil that have been vegging under an 18/6 light schedule indoors, I have been clearing a plot outside to grow and was wondering how will that change of light effect the stage they are in, will they start to flower once I put them outside because the day will naturally be shorter? I was even thinking of building a green house and using supplemental lighting just to be able to control the stage they're in better. I live in SoCal too.
  5. Well right now you wouldn't want to just put them out because they most likely will bloom. Usually you want to slowly adjust your plants to be in sync with the amount of day light hours in your area. A greenhouse with supp lighting is a good idea. But even if u put them outside right now that's fine too they just need a light that hits them like a CFL just so they think they're awake still until June 1st. June 1st is a good time to put them out because they usually can hold themselves in veg

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  6. Hmm, I really have to plan this out. What June 1st, what's specifically about that date makes it good to put outside?

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