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  1. Whats up Cali
    I've seen those "Unite" posts from almost every area of the world, but couldn't find any good post for growers in SoCal.
    So here I am. San Fernando Valley. Growing for several caregivers and a little bit for myself.
    Right now I grow Loui. It's a great strain and if grown without stresses and all still holds its price.
    But generally our market seems to hit a median of 2.7K
    And as you know we just had an outdoor season hurricane through the market as well, so there is still some recovery.
    If you care to share just as much, please say hello.
  2. What's this - Aloe Russ is back lol.
    So cal growers is still up and running - swing by!

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  3. King Louie is a great strain. In in Palm Springs
    My summer journal

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  4. Hi guys I am new to this thread, an outdoor grower currently with 2 plants in the ground with slightly different harevesting schedules it seems, but I would like to know what this “BT” stuff y’all are referring too to spray your plants down to prevtent bugs and also questions coming soon referring to timing with harvesting when I get the chance to link a couple pics. This community looks super helpful and I am ready to soak in the knowledge! T
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  5. Has anyone here got any suggestions for dealing with actual spider webs on a number of colas on an outdoor plant that is nearing harvest? They are definitely not spider mite webs, as I have seen multiple small spiders on the plant. Are buds that are covered in webs essentially lost or is there a way to clean them off?
  6. Bt[​IMG]

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  7. Spiders very well could be mites. Pics please normal lighting. Than look under the leafs for black spots

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  8. Anyone willing to donate seeds ?
  9. Here is my spring crop, already harvested the winter one.

    Munson(Dominion seed co):


    Feebird(Dominion) bud:

    2 Freebird and 2 6 Mil(Dominion):

    5 Skunkband V2(Dominion):
  10. Thank you to Brass N Wood, I think that’s how it’s spelled, for the outdoor grow schedule he shared last year.
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  11. To what end?
  13. 4CCEE707-32BC-451D-B45A-3548A3D99029.jpeg .nobody ales growing in SoCal?
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  14. Many of us growing in Southern California. :)

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  15. The chunky one is grape soda (a phenotype of Tahoe o.g.) the taller one is called master black (I have no idea about it, never heard of it before) one of the other ones is a high cbd strain called Xena (also a mystery to me) and the last one is blueberry muffin (purple panty dropper x blueberry). All clones I picked up at organic solutions of the desert in Palm Springs. I stopped growing for four years and this is my first time growing again and my first outdoor organic garden. It’s so good for your soul to grow these plants!

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  16. I could not agree more!
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