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Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by AloeRuss, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. I am picking up some mites today. First time trying the predators. Im stoked.

    my wig is loose, your stroke is weak...
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  2. How do you like those Trichogramma? Any positive results?
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  3. Hey...
    I haven't had the pleasure of using them yet
    I 've only use the Green Lace wings and the ladybugs I have had no need for anything else yet so far.. thank the Cannabis gods

    sent sitting in my garden
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  4. Anyone's outdoor plants go in to flower? Woke up this morning to find balls all over one of my regular seedlings. I had just checked it yesterday for balls too! Must've popped up overnight!
  5. Yep I have a few most are in preflower
  6. No flowers yet guys - should be happening early August. We got a strong couple weeks left!

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  7. 106 degrees can you believe it actually snows here?

    Hydroponic Organic Science Stuff
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  8. damnit i failed to plan ahead for this outdoor run and 3 of my plants turned out to be male. Now I'm left with 4 small clones in no till containers outdoors, and 2 empty no-till containers...

    I would like to fill my empty no-till containers... at this point in time of the season would you guys say it's too late to pop more seeds outdoors? If so, I guess my only option is to buy 2 clones from someone locally. I actually know of a reputable clone seller locally here in SD
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  9. Without supplemental lighting they will flower clones faster than seeds. But either way if you have the pots you can still grow any time of year here some seasons the plants will be smaller. If you have the pots just throw either the seeds or clones whichever is cheaper or readily available.
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  10. Hey man thanks for the quick response!
    hmm... if i pop seeds outside in the no-till containers they will basically act like they are vegging for like 3 weeks right? I read that seedlings can't go into flower immediately, they will go through a veg period for about three weeks even if under 12/12 lighting straight from seed?

    Also wondering if i choose to run supplemental lighting to allow my plants to veg longer outdoors, am i right in thinking that I am looking at about 2 or 3 hours of On-time for the light each day? basically i turn the supplemental lighting on around 6 PM-ish (when the sun sets?) and just leave it on for a few hours so that my plants get less than 6 hours of darkness? (18/6 veg outdoors?)

    any idea on what the least amount of wattage needed for supplemental lighting is? I usually run COB LED indoors but im thinking if i were to use supplemental lighting outdoors i might as well get T5 since they are cheaper and probably cheaper electricity-wise also?
  11. if you hv security light that will wrk're just extending the hrs not like indrs
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  12. Predatory mites kicking ass! Not one speck of mite damage
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  13. Ok. So you have your two options, both will work at this time. Do it now!
  14. What species did you get? How many?
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  15. I called them and told them them crop, size of plants and density, temps and humidity for the week. They make the recommendation. For me it was 2000, Galendromus occidentalis for $50.
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