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  1. Whats up Cali
    I've seen those "Unite" posts from almost every area of the world, but couldn't find any good post for growers in SoCal.
    So here I am. San Fernando Valley. Growing for several caregivers and a little bit for myself.
    Right now I grow Loui. It's a great strain and if grown without stresses and all still holds its price.
    But generally our market seems to hit a median of 2.7K
    And as you know we just had an outdoor season hurricane through the market as well, so there is still some recovery.
    If you care to share just as much, please say hello.
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  2. I was just thinking of starting this thread.. I'll pull up a chair if you don't mind..
    Year round flowering outside in Long Beach.. I veg to 22-24 inches under 24-0 then toss them outside.. Just harvested a few and set a few out last week..
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  3. Come to think on it my few surviving store strains came from that valley..
    Train Wreck
    Super Silver Haze
    Northern Lights
    I had nearly the entire list of strains they offered over the past year but my newbee ineptitude lost all but 3 before I finally got my cloning method ironed out..
    And now I haven't been able to contact them in a few months.. With the shutting down of so many brick and mortar stores I'm not sure if they still exist.. 
  4. Ahah... Welcome
    Speaking to a man who us, indoor folks fear so much :)
    Just a joke mate... We all provide great service...

    I have a feeling it may be quite a few plants, mate.
    Do you prune, top or do some other, complex stuff?
  5. Is it because you like to grow different strains? Because if you have your cloning tricks down, you should never be without something to grow.

    But since you are here, may I suggest a brik and mortar that still open with a very large clone selection on hand.
    "Progressive Options" in San Fernando Valley. About 45 minutes away from you if you go up on 405.
    Look them up on the web
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  6. Nice link.. Fun selection of clones.. I've got 4 strains of clones currently and 4 seeds just under way so while not actively shopping a live source is always good to have.. I'll pass it along to a friend I have out that way as well..
    So far most all my plants have been let go like a willful child allowed to run wild.. The few exceptions are the ones that grew into a light or suffered rough handling resulting in unintended top damage..
 This girl is a clone of some quality bag seed that turns very purple, clones easy and finishes fast.. grown to 22 inches under CFLs and put outside into the 5 gal SIP 3 weeks ago.. she tops 40 inches now..
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  7. I bet they like to chew on that THC during cold California night.
    I will get to see your links when I bring my sun home.

    As far as link, they are reputable and known. No funky business there.
    Do u mostly grow for yourself?
  8. With the help of Grass City University I manage to grow a fairly clean crop and still keep it on the organic side..
    While I am my own largest consumer I do grow for other legal prescription holders in the house..  
  9. Hmm. Well, that still good and that is still helping family budget I bet.

    It's interesting but it's seems that it is only two of us from so cal on here...
  10. What a small world we live in, both my parents were raised in Long Beach. 
  11. Chupa.. I think I knew this and meant to ask further on it as my better half was born and raised in LB.. I'm a new comer from the San Gabriel valley..
  Stop this at 7 seconds in and tell me if you can identify that bridge...
    Welcome to my front yard.. :bongin:

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  12. Sadly the only visit I ever made there was as a child when we returned from my dad's r&r in Hawaii when he took a tour in Vietnam around 1969.  
  13. I have to tell you, if you have means to stay happy and able to pay for everything you need, it's a great place to be. But, if you cannot afford any of the necessities or stay happy being here, this place will make you miserable.
    The Boat parade will go past the end of the dock our boat is on.. Quite a fun little spot to spend time in.. complete with naples style gondolas on the bay and in the islands canals

    Always something going on in the bay.. rowers training.. standup paddle boarders by the dozens.. swimmers training.. Sailing classes..
    Year round activities.. It slows a bit in winter but never really stops...
  15. Look at this. I never knew we had parades like that. Something to take my son to :)
    How much would be 3 bedroom house (and a large garadge) for lease on the shore?
  16. How much money does this Newman guy made with that "we love it" shout....

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