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So blazed off two hits

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ninjakai, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. So i wa hanging with my friend who went and picked up a half 0 of some dank shit. The bag had golden goat and something diesel (not sour but something lol) he loaded a bowl for me and our other homie. We each only took 2 rips before we were so fucking baked. Anyone else got any one hit quit stories

    Happy Toking :smoking:
  2. White Widow...And some "other" stuff on top...Still have no idea what in the fuck we ended up doing that night, but I ended up taggin' up an office to an apartment. Only reason I know that is because it was tagged with my secret code.:cool:
  3. oh and btw, one of of the herbs won a few years at the cannabis cup, idk if this is true but i believe it
  4. If I DONT get rippped of 2 hits....I wont buy it again ...just saying. Thats how I compare my pick ups...IDK. :confused:
  5. I Just got of the hospital after a month of surgery,rehab, and not smoking, my first day out was very stony with my tolerance almost non-existant. Two vape drags of some Goo X Trainwreck and I was gone! My tolerance has sadly shot sky high after smoking heavily every day since. Im back to where I started, it was a fun ride while it lasted I guess.
  6. One hit quit story, a legit one hit quit lol: first time I hit out of a grav bong. Hooollly shit! We used a cooler to hold orange fanta and a milk jug as a smoke chamber. My friend lit up the weed, took his hit, and then I took my hit right after. I got his seconds and still got fucking ripped! I'm talking sitting in the corner laughing to myself, seeing bits and pieces of my past, and I'm wondering how the hell these people are still smoking?! Lol!

    I ended up laying on the ground (not before tripping over a branch and scraping my leg) and my friends told me to get the fuck up, so I laid in the back of this guy's truck until he had to go. My friends then carried me to a bench and laid me down. I don't remember much , but that was the first (and only) time I've ever thrown up from smoking!

    That was back when I first started, so that explains it, but damn! Memories, memories! :)
  7. One hit isn't too much where I have to quit, but one hit does me fine.

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