So Arizer Q or Da Buddah? Advice.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ClassyPothead, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. So I'm in love with my MFLB but ill soon be getting my own place where I can have a bigger, more functional vape and simply, I'm torn. So what do you guys think? Da Buddah or Arizer Q Extreme? Moneys no issue, plus I think there around the same price anyway.

    So far the zeppelin bags are the only thing Da Buddah doesn't seem to support. Are the Zeppelin bags worth going with the Arizer?
  2. If you want the functionality of a whip and bags then get the EQ, if you want one of the best whip vapes then get the DBV.
  3. Just wondering why is da Buddah the best vape? I've heard the vapor tastes cleaner but I'm not sure.

  4. With the DBV the air path is a lot "cleaner" so to speak. The air travels in the glass heater cover, over the ceramic heating element, through your herbs, and then through the whip. With the EQ the air travels all through the inner workings of the unit, which over time can accumulate dust. Also with the DBV you will receive bigger hits as compared to the EQ.
  5. Alright thanks a lot. I think Da Buddah might win me over. :)
  6. I didnt like the dbv over my eq. Didn't think it tasted any better but the pull felt better on my eq to me. I haven't tried a ssv yet though
  7. I don't like bags, so its an easy choice for Buddha. I've tried both, and I definitely liked Buddha better, although I think EQ is a great vape.

    Buddha has a much cleaner (and visible) airpath. I don't think bags are worth it.
  8. I hate bags. Id have gotten the vtower over the eq to save 40 bucks
  9. This is true. If you're anti-bag I guess the more accurate comparison is Vtower vs Buddha, the Vtower being a bit cheaper now. However Id still choose Buddha. Visible and cleanable airpath is worth it to me.

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