So apparently it is quite hard to buy seeds these days, lil help

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  1. Haven't needed to buy any in a while, wanted to get some new stuff in. Yeah that seems to be a bit problematic these days. Basically no one will ship to US, Herbies takes Bitcoin only for US customers.....tried opening up a wallet on coinbase and that is pretty much impossible if I want to place the order before the New Year. The system is completey log jammed and transactions are basically impossible.

    What options do people in US have?? I will literally take anything at this point. Been trying to get the Bitcoin thing going for weeks now, I'm about done with it.
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  3. The Single Seed Center gets my $$ these days..
    (Bonza is hit or miss as is MSNL)..these take USA CCs too..The thought of Bitcoin sickens me..If you do Like Bitcoin..Try The Vault (GC Sponsor)
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  4. So does that Single Seed Centre take regular credit cards? I can't tell until I sign up and order. But thanks for the info....
  5. I use my normal Visa there with no issues..Just call the CC issuer and have a transaction pre-approved for International use (ie: $ xx for x days)
    Hope this helps you:)
  6. Thanks man I appreciate it!
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  7. Anyone wants to hit me with some recommendations I'm all ears. I'm really looking for a good purple strain, tried a few with little success. Lost one GDP I had that was awesome. I can get overnight temps down pretty low with setup I have now.
  8. Ima growin some GDPs now..Unfortunately I got them from MSNL just as they were going weird..
    Two on the right are the real GDPs the one in front is the Imposter (Looks like a Kush or OG to me)
    On the Left is 00 KUSH..(2nd grow for this one!)
    2nd Picture is of a Cola/Bud after she was supercropped (Major frost and harvest is about 10 days or more out):)
    Zoom in Plz..Those Trichs are tall enough to see with the naked eye..And my eyesight sux;) 8-31-17.jpg 8-31-17 stacked.jpg
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  9. Looks nice. Yeah I had a GDP from unknown origin that clearly was legit (got the original from a friend's clone) smelled like grape ape and everything with purple tinge even in moderate temps at night. I had a bunch of Bubba's Gift from Humboldt, but it is hard to find the pheno that has the true purple genetics in it so I am kind of turned off by that one right now. That one was the best one though, so mad I lost it.. I got a lot of terrible smelling phenos that have similar physical characteristics but weren't it. Also had some Mendo Purps they were more floral smelling but not much purple at all.
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  10. Nirvana takes VISA & ships to the US.
  11. Ordered from seedsman with CC

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  12. I ordered from true north seed bank in Canada no problem credit card or pay pal

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  13. South Oregon seeds.. got a grip of strains.
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  14. Amsterdam marijuana seeds they even replace seeds that don't come or germinate total legit
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  15. i just ordered from attitude. got my tracking link in email today, but it doesnt work. im assuming its cause the seeds havent reached usps yet
    free seeds with every order, takes credit cards, provides tracking, and disguises every package so it won't be seized. i've had a 100% germination rate with their seeds and the bud is always top quality.

    as for strains, a good autoflowering strain is crystal M.E.T.H, it's a very beautiful fruity purple. i haven't grown my photos yet, but i have three purple strains on the way. i chose sweet purple, shoreline, and ayahuasca purple. there are a lot of purple strains to choose from
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  17. Screw Bitcoin. I was reading the reviews for the apps required for bitcoin. Lots of "my funds were frozen". Too sketchy for me.

    You have PayPal?
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  18. + 1 on the Single Seed Centre.
    Used 'em for a few years now.
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  19. I have been using the Attitude Seedbank since I have been a member on this forum which is over 10 years now. If you decide to go with attitude, use promo code 420 at check out for a 10% discount on your entire order. They offer great stealth shipping and I have never once had an issue getting more order, I've ordered quite a few times... whatever seedbank you use just do your research first and be careful, there's a lot of scams out there as you can imagine dealing with anything illegal.

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