so... anyone NOT seen half-baked?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Dec 3, 2003.


have you seen half-baked?

  1. ya ive seen it

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  2. nope never seen it

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  1. i think that this might be the movie that every stoner has seen at least once... even people that dont smoke know this is THE stoner movie! so, ya you seen half-baked?

    ive seen it plenty of times, in fact i watched it two times the other night trying to fall asleep.. i have it on dvd.

    oh ya, does digit post anymore?
  2. He's at OverGrow.
  3. Yea i've seen it, brilliant funny ass film :)
  4. ive dowloaded on my pc, but still havnt seen it because my pc doesnt play it!

    b-stard computer!
  5. is it an RM file? You need real player to play it then. For some reason, most videos you download off the net are all in .rm/.ram format....
  6. digit was unhappy with the way something was handled a while ago and decided to take a break from the city. It is unknown if he'll return to us.

  7. I'd hardly say most videos off the net, but yeah a lot of them are...the reason they make them in the shitty realplayer formats is to save space. It's a bitch

  8. whats that gotta do with?half baked?
  9. samus asked if digit posted anymore, so I told him what happened.

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