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so anti-weed ppl say, "o, todays weed is SO much stronger than ur parents' weed"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DaSkiMaster, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. why is this considered bad???

    what do they think?

    higher thc levels = HOLY SHIT THTS HORRIBLE FOR U!!!

    cuz if they do, they're fucking retarded. how in ANY way does the percentage of THC matter??? that actually would make the weed BETTER :p :hello:
  2. because they consider THC bad for you because it gives you a 'high'.

    being under the influence is now a taboo in our society. execpt for the legal stuff...
  3. More THC = Less smoke to get the same high

    They dont understand :smoke:

    Its alright, more herb for us! :D
  4. There just jealous. Because yeah they got there "lids" of sticks and seeds for 10 bucks back in the day, but we got that KUSH, they just cant hang. lool
  5. ACTUALLY. They aren't wrong. With technology and new ways/equipment to grow with, we do have stronger weed than they did. But your average dealer down the streets weed is just as potent as your parents. And for all we know, high thc COULD be dangerous. Right now the highest is what 25ish percent?
  6. How dare we enjoy our minds, and bodies... sex drugs and magick... Taboo homey...America has been programmed to suffer over thousands of years... if you torture yourself on a cross maybe you will blend in? LOLZ
  7. See that's what I think too. Even if today's dank is 10 times stronger than what they had back It's not like you can overdose, even still. And honestly wouldn't that be a good thing? Smoking less product = less smoke inhalation = healthier lungs.

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