So all my clones are planted, what's next?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by sniperslayer, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. K so finished getting all my clones into their 5 gallon pots, they are all in their permanent spots getting very good light throughout the day, for the soil I used 4 different variations just to see what works best etc

    So with that said where do I go from here? To begin with I'm asuning just go with watering to begin with? Is tap water adequet? Vancouver has very clean tap water

    When do I start fertilizing/nutes? I bought some miracle gro organic plant food which says you just sprinkle on the soil I think?

    Is it best to use a spritz bottle to water them?
  2. did the soil you put them in have any nutes in it.
  3. I used 4 different soils, 2 diff kinds of miracle gro, a sea soil, and a organic potting soil

    All of them have varying nutes in them but they are all obviously better than using the native soil around
  4. start giving them nutes after a month but check to make sure they dont get nute burn. water twice a week once plain water once with miracle grow. when they go to flower you will need to change to a bud and bloom type fertilizer
  5. How do you know if u get nute burn? And how do u know how much and what kind?
  6. You need to read the grow guides littered throughout this site. There are many and all are anywhere from good to great.

    If you post a question about every single detail that you don't know about, and you've never taken the time to know about any details, the community essentially spoon feeds you and it can become a waste of effort. Not trying to sound harsh, but if you spend several hours doing hard research, any questions you have thereafter will receive better responses. Good luck and READ on! :gc_rocks:

  7. Some growers add enough nutes to last the whole season without adding any, and just using compost teas. But that's when the holes were amended well in advance.

    Soils like FF I think can be good for several motnhs prior to being depleted.

    Nute burn is when the tips of the leaves get yellow (1 common sign).

    If they're growing good don't add nutes esp. if there are some fresh ones inside. Separate root ball from hot soil if possible. Put a layer of reg. soil.

    Native soil is ok as the plants will hit it during the season and it's good for them to get used to it (unless it's really clayey or acidic)

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