So After Some Time Of Really Horrible Newbie Stuff, It Happened

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greenergrassova, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. She was doing not so good, barely growing, i let my sister start off the grow, she let them get really hot, then she tried to feed them, so the Green Poison got nute burned, so then i had to be like, flush it!!
    So, i finally get them, and now first day, i see buds on the Afghan Ryder Auto, and i just wanna jump up for joy. 
    The stem on this though smaller than a pencil, and its like a month or so in, and it should be 1/3 way through flower, it is kinda sad, no node stems, or side shoots i should say, growth. So it looks ok. Didn't expect much.
    The GP, burned by heat, didn't have fan on it for the first 2 weeks, :/ 
    Its growing up at about 1/2 foot, may transplant it if i can get some new soil, then when i get back from vacation, ill flower it with my other plant.
    My other plant, bag seed, its up to about 15 inches, brought it in from outside, thing has like 13+ nodes on it, looks beefy, just a bit of a snail problem, no bugs, just damn snails.. I even fed one to my frog, i haven't seen him in the past few days, he got hurt on his leg, it swelled up.  I hope hes ok.
    I also got one little baby seedling i popped out, so about 3 plants 1 seedling and 1 pot that may be a seedling under not that many cfls. Its a poor mans grow, but its what i got. Not looking for qps. 
    May take one of those seedlings and put it outside and lst it and get it flowering a little bit when im away. 
    I think this year will be the year of the comeback of me, i haven't had a good 2nd half of a year since, 2000 maybe. Geez, its going to be good, if everything works out great.
    Plus my computer upgrade, i could go on, i think seeing the plants do better has made me feel good. Except for every knock on my door that is harder than a butterfly fart scares me, because its like DEA.. but its not, because if it was, i'd just go into my grow space and hold on to them and cry.. :c 
    Sorry, no pics because my camera was made back when Abe Lincoln was still a baby. 


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