so after like 3.5 months

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  1. i find out my plants are male!:mad::mad: but they still have herms?

    is it worth fuckin with or should i just chop em?

    could it be bc i forgot to water a couple times? too much stress? or just bad seeds?

  2. Lets see some close up pictures please.

  3. i will some time later..cant get to em right now
  4. Males don't have 'any' hairs. ^post your pics.
  5. this is the best my camera will do..even with macro it comes out all blurry..but the top stems of the plants is where the hairs are but im afraid its gunna be too blurry..and then the one plant i Still cant see sex yet:( but there is little white hairs coming out of the tops of like each stem but then theres those balls..

    weed 19.jpg

    edit..i guess i forgot to take a pic of the other plant lol

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  6. where you seein the hairs, buddy? those look pure male to me.
  7. confirmed male after the first pic. the chances are always like 50/50 due to genetics, looks like a healthy plant but is of no use.
  8. Did you not buy feminized seeds?
  9. Kill and burn it now. Before it spoils your neighbors grow.
  10. Sorry, my friend. The shown plant is simply a male and has no real value to you.

    Better luck next time.

  11. Ya chop that plant man. Dnt fucked my girls up haha

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