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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by 4Cave2man0, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. I like how people are so stern on them here

    yet the

    " dead hours" thread is clearly a chat thread

    just like the whats on your mnd thread was

    so I think it should get closed...because thats some bullshit...:confused:
  2. The Dead Hours thread was given administrative approval after reaching a certain size, with assurances made by several of the people who frequent the thread to report any problems in an efficient manner.

    What's On Your Mind? was closed because it simply grew beyond the control of the moderation team and, as such, became a breeding ground for rule-breaking. We have several very reputable Blades and Bladies in Dead Hours who report things almost immediately after they happen and allow us to keep any rule breaking as isolated as possible.

    Trust me, if that thread ever grows beyond our ability to properly moderate it, it will be closed as well.
  3. :laughing:

    We can't fucking win.
  4. Im not tryin to be a dick man

    but even with "moderation"

    its still a chat thread...and even with a certain size...there have been other threads at certain siezes with no grounds for rulebreaking...

    I think its just real hypocritical that's all because if one can be moderated more than one can be, thats
  5. Would everybody be happy if we just changed the rule to say "No chat threads unless we approve it"? :poke:

    The Dead Hours thread has been approved, for the time being. As Durchii said, if it gets out of hand it will be closed.

    And because we have the Dead Hours thread, we really don't need more chat threads. :p

    Cool? Cool. :cool:

  6. :laughing: Im just busting yalls balls if that makes sense?

    Idk tho man

    I loved the WOYM was awesome

    and it was a chat thread...all that was happening was gifs were being posted....

    no harm at all its kind of silly to " approve one"

    and ignore one which was getting just as big and could have been deemed approved
  7. It's enough of a task to moderate one chat thread that expands at a rate of about a dozen pages per day even when problems are reported on in an efficient manner.

    Two threads, though? Five? That would be a bit much.

    We went out on a limb with Dead Hours, and everyone within it understands the ramifications of screwing up, which would be forcing us to go back to our 'No Chat Threads, period,' policy.
  8. Well, we no longer need the "whats on your mind thread" anyway because we have the "dead hours" thread which has become pretty much the same thing. :p

    There's no point in having both threads, and there's definitely no point in closing the Dead Hours thread and re-opening the WOYM thread just because people think it's unfair that it didn't get approved and this one did. :poke:
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