So a Koala is sittin in a tree smokin some bud..

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  1. He sees a Lizard and asks him, "Hey! Lizard! Do you wanna come smoke some weed!??" The Lizard replys with "OH! Yeah!" He scoots on up in the tree and they get blazed of their asses, and the Lizard gets thirsty "Koala, I'm gonna go get some water!" He crawls down the tree and to the river. He gets a drink and falls in out of dizziness. "HELPP MEE! I'm Drowning!" An Aligator close by sees him and saves him" "What happend!?" The aligator says when they get back to shore. "Koala offered me some weed and I got thirsty so I went to the river and I was so high i drowned!" said the Lizard. "Koala!?, SStay right here!" the Aligator walks to Koalas tree and shouts "Hey! Koala!" The Koala Screams "OMG HOW MUCH WATER DID YOU DRINK!?!"

    I'm blazed.
  2. that was nifty
  3. had to read it twice but damn it was good
  4. haha, good one.
  5. haha took me a few times but I got it
  6. Seems a little too detailed to be a high story...
  7. Hahah, Good one.
  8. io dont get it, the koala thinks the lizard turned into an aligater,

    wtf is that suposed to be funny

  9. Get stoned and read it.
  10. I'm sober and I understood it, but I still think I shall take your advice :)

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