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So a buddy hit me back for smoking him out.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metallica2k1, Sep 1, 2008.

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    He got some stuff he was hyping up to be some diggity dank and he came back today. He paid me back about an eighth...maybe a little more. Now it's free and I don't even care if he paid me back or not, but it's not the quality that he made it out to be. Not really complaining, but it is what it is. It looks dry and seedy....mids MAYBE high mids just by looking. It smells faintly of fruity pebbles cereal.

    He said the plant the person picked off the buds from got germinated and that's why it had so many seeds. Is this true? Also, do you have to judge outdoor home grown stuff differently than hydro home grown?

    Thing is, it's a bitch to take out all the seeds but it gets me feeling pretty good after only about half a bowl. So basically I'm not bitching about quality, I just have questions that need answering for future reference so I don't look like an idiot.

    I was also told smoking stems and seeds works if you're dry but that it tastes like ass. Number one, it doesn't seem like there would be much THC in the junk parts of the plant since if it was worth smoking we wouldn't need to pick it out in the first place. Am I thinking right or do some people around here smoke stems and seeds after cashing in on the built up resin?
  2. I can asnwer you being a grwoer.Marijuana needs a male to pollenate a female plant.If the female Marijuana plant was pollenated there wil be seeds in it if the pollenation process was a succes and thats not hard at all.Marijuana may loose alittle potency if there is seeds in it,this is do to the plant stoping production of trichomes and focusing on the production of seeds.

    Outdoor tends to be less tasteful and doesnt smell as strong as indoor,though I have had some outdoor nugs that were VERY frosty and potent.So there might be alittle decrease in potency from indoor,though indoor is the prefered for acouple reasons.First the bag appeal is higher,then it smells better,last it taste better atleast I think.

    You can smoke stem and get a buzz,you can not smoke seeds though.Well maybe from some thc sticking to the seeds but thc is not produced on seeds.It is however produced on stems somewhat.
  3. Hey thanks a lot man. I was pretty high when I typed all that so I'm glad it made sense.
  4. Well yes, the buds could be good shit grown bad. If it gets you feeling good after a 1/2 bowl, I'd say it's either good stuff, or you've got a really, really low tolerance.
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    Been smoking for a good while so I've got a decent tolerance built up, I just don't know much about it. Haven't bothered to learn my shit until recently because I had people around getting my stuff for me. Now that I'm buying, I feel like I should know these things.

    Just came off two weeks of smoking a lot less, but I was still smoking.

    I've learned a lot from this place over the years, including that internet perception of bud quality isn't necessarily the same as in real life in your local area. At least in my case.
  6. germinating means when a seed sprouts... all plants germinate..
    seediness comes from not harvesting a male fast enough and it pollinates the females to make them a hermie
  7. So you're saying I've got a hermie on my hands right?

    You could avoid this by keeping the males and females separate as well right? Or do they need to be together? Not really the right section for the question, but I'm just curious. No interest in growing...I just like to know about the plant. Perhaps I will start looking this shit up, but it's nice to read explanations from posters here than some textbook explanation.
  8. This is false information.Some of it anyway's.

    A hermie is a Female plant that produces male flowers NOT a female plant that gets pollenated by a male.

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