so...2c-e? [questions for experienced users]

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  1. Well I just got my lovely little baggy sample of 2c-e!

    It looks wonderful, but I have a few minor questions for experienced users.

    I hear Insufflated 2c-e hurts like razor blades in your nose, but it saves quite a bit, seeing that Insufflated 3-7mg is a common dose, compared to an oral dose[10-15mg] that is saving enough for another trip. So is Insufflated worth it or not?

    What are some of your outlooks on 2c-e, aswell?

    I have 20 mg, I weigh 220 lbs, 6.2". I'm just looking for an experience to expand my mind and find out some meaning. First time using 2c-e, and I have never done another psychedelic except salvia.
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    ive done 2ce dozens of times. ive snorted it once and it hurt realllllllyyy bad. its a very bad way to start off a trip. also in my opinion if you wanna completely lose reality take all 20 at once. mix it in a drink and have fun.
  3. Yeah, that's what I was going to do, about 15 mg in a drink, and maybe let a friend take 5mg insufflated. I'm sure they throw me some money too to buy some more, so that's always a good thing.
  4. yeah i usually took 15mg when i did it.
  5. Don't be a pussy, snort it! I did .3 worth of 2C-E over 3 days like that and it stops burning after the second or third time. Just have a gallon of water to snort/drink after and you'll be straight.

    Snorting 2C-E is the only way to go IMO, it's so much more INTENSE than eating it and kicks in ~15 minutes after.
  6. 20mg is a good oral dose, do not snort 15mg if you dont want a bad pain in the back of your head for ten minutes. If you can handle the pain, you could, but the long term effects of doing it are not well documented. Just know, you trip about 3-5 times harder snorting 15mg than you do eating 15mg, like its fucking insane.
  7. jesus christ man, cant be good. I dont know, like the taste is pretty horribly bitter, I can only imagine how shitty snorting it would be.
  8. i have never done it but i hear snorting is the best way to go if you can handle psychadellics

    but keep away from the dosage advice man, good way to get banned
  9. It's not that bad, I mean it feels like snorting a little bit of bleach at first but it isn't any worse than snorting really good ice (best comparison I could think of).

    Any long term (physical) effects from snorting it won't be any worse than coke honestly, it's just a really acidic salt without any numbing or vasoconstricting properties. Worst that will happen is a nose bleed and even with the ridiculous amount I snorted I never got one.
  10. Yo drama, get on AIM.

    I need to vent my frustrations about how jealous I am of these RC tales.

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