Snowy day, just hanging out.

Discussion in 'General' started by RedganjaDown, Nov 16, 2014.

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    Got a nice stew pot of homemade vegetable beef stew simmering, got my 2 new ladies moved to their permanent homes in 3 gallon smart pot containers.
    The snow has been steady and w've probably gotten 1.5-2". Who's keeping track of that though?
    Got all finished with those things, smoked a full one hitter and now  just kicking back watching Rams vs. Broncos. Feeling real nicely baked.
    Have a great day, unless you had other plans.


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  2. Cool I made some roast in a crockpot.It is snowy here too, where you living?
  3. Hope it snows here soon

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  4. not expecting snow here for quite awhile...
    cute.  as a matter of fact I plan have a terrible day tyvm
  6. No snow for me, just freezing rain :cry:
    Living in a transition zone can suck sometimes. I hate southern weather and I love northern weather yet I get both. Yesterday it didn't even hit 30 degrees but now it is in the mid 30's and a rain storm is coming. I am also surrounded by dense and tall mountains and at a higher average elevation than most of the southeast so the weather can be really sporadic.
    All I want is for it to start snowing in November and for the snow to not melt until mid April but that is too much to ask I guess... Ohh and fuck summer, I would love to skip it!!
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    ^^^ sorry to read that V1RU5. Hope it gets better.
  8. Lean on me when your alone I'll be your friend if you let me inside your home....wait I don't think that is how the song goes.Just forget it have a terrible day.
  9. thanks (for nothing)
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    I still love you.

  11. life doesnt get much better than that 
  12. i love you moar
  13. I'm an Okie, but not from Muskogee.
  14. I knew you were in Oklahoma haha.Welcome man, Ive always liked it here.
  15. I like it too sometimes. I'm west of Yukon, on I-40. Wish this redneck, red ass state would come along on the legal cannabis issue though.
  16. Yeah totally agree.Bullshit I have to grow when I do and face a 10 year mandatory minimum if caught. I'm more of a country person now than a city person.I live near the North Canadian river in yukon.

    It is cold af outside right now.
  17. Same here. I have to DIY because I have no connections. At least I know what and how my herb was grown. Organic all the way.
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    Nice man, growing is such a fun hobby.I could grow for the rest of my life if it was legal here.Hell that would pay off my old fines and get me in school.

    I'd move to a legal state if I could but at the moment I can not.Edit:I like this place alot though and sometimes I do question why.I think it is change to a completely different state and environment.We need to really legalize it already.
  19. We got a shitload of snow down here :)

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