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  1. \t\t\t\t \t\t\t\tSnowryder \t\t\t\tautoflowering cannabis seeds
    \t\t\t\tGrowth period :10 weeks from seed to harvest!
    \t\t\t\tSeeds Per Pack : 10
    snowryder is a 100% auto flowering strain, a hybrid of Lowryder and Snow White. This strain carries a powerful punch and is without a doubt one of the strongest Auto Flowering strains to date, Heavy Crystaling is a trade mark of snowryder, Trichomes even appear on the males ! The taste and smell of this strain is very similar to Snow white / White widow so is sure to please. Yield is Avarage (15g - 25g under floros per 6" pot) and the plants stay short (12" - 14") Snowryder is ready to harvest 10 weeks from planting.

    So i had ordered these seeds should get them in a couple days. I'm gonna add them into my Diesel Ryder grow. I haven't heard anything about these yet though. Anyone got to try these out yet?ting.
  2. Is this strain new?
  3. Yea its brand new maybe a week or so its been out. I heard they gave some people test seeds so idk but when i get them ill keep everyone posted on them.
  4. sounds interesting... i like a lot of crystals on my pot. Wouldn't say no to a sample seed!
  5. Where did you get the seeds man if you don't mind me asking I would love to try some.
  6. I get all my seeds from they usually get to the states within 5 days. Also decent pricing. These are the cheapest Lowryder avalible.
  7. hey dangreen, can these grow outdoors, or just indoors?
  8. Hey Blunt these can grow indoors or outdoors faster harvest outdoor you could harvest up to 3x in one summer if planted early enough. I think they produce more indoor though best under 18/6 or more light.
  9. im gonna have to try these out sometime and see how they do outdoors, so many good things can come from a shorter grow period. cant wait to see how yours do:wave:
  10. sounds cool man
    good luck
  11. Yea i hope they turn out well i think ill try and put 4 in my room until i take out male Diesel Ryder's. Which should be a few weeks then ill put the rest in as i take some out. Probably gonna try and pick up some lowryder AK47's later to add to the room as well. I'm thinking about cross pollinating some of branches to see how they might turn out. Not sure yet but we will see in the future. I am expecting delivery of the seeds on 8/23.
  12. OK so i got them today :hello:. Gonna start germing tonight.
  13. o hell yea ive already had a chair pulled up for this.:hello:
  14. So i planted 2 seeds today hopefully will sprout in a few days. Also i just got some pics of Snowryder buds from the website i got them from.
  15. i got some snowryder seeds like 2 weeks ago. I have some seedlings that are 14 days old (from the day i started to germinate them) ill be sure to check this forum out. we can compare our snowryder!
  16. Sweet man, you doing a journal on yours? I got all 3 in soil now hopefully see some action in a few days. I am also doing Diesel Ryder in the same room got 10 of those will plant more snowryder when i pull the males.
  17. yeah i think i might start a grow journal. i looked all over and it sure does appear our snowryders are very new. already i can see its a indica dom. i plan on breeding the most vigorous male and female so i can always have snowryder. i also have (but havent planted because i have a bunch of bagseed plants) white widow, thai haze X skunk, and g13 X haze. but the weed aroud here (and the bag i got my seeds from) are still cronic as fuck. i have a grow journal on but i think ill start one here.
  18. Funny i have a journal on as well. Yea im also planning on breeding the dieselryders and the snowryders with best male and female might also try crossing them later on down the road.
  19. Snowryder sprout pix still very small second picture is snowryder in small pot.
  20. o0o0 here it comes! not to mention your other plants look nice:hello:

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