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  1. if you havent seen this movie check it out it really is awesome
    btw its on netflix instant

  2. I heard this was really good.
    I'll be watching it on Netflix as soon as possible.
  3. Yeah it's pretty goo, cool concept. Idk how the fuck I found it I'm a pirate but I finished it the other day I would say 7 out of 10. Solid movie, fight scenes r kinda lame for my liking but I might have high expectations.
  4. I liked how the movie started out.
    but as they went further up the cars, it kept getting more and more ridiculous. the last car that was believable (before she took out that machine gun) was the school car. had a very eerie north korea brainwashing feel to it. 
    The rave car was pretty stupid and didn't belong in the movie.
  5. They got to the front pretty damn quickly for how long the train looked

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    is it that good? or is it Hunger Games on a massive train? 
    how many people are on this train?
    how long has it been traveling? how much food is on board?
    how is more food obtained if all other life on the planet is gone?
  7. i dont know havent seen hunger games but i dont think they really compare well 
    i think the train has been traveling 17 yrs 
    just give it a watch 
  8. I love how when they make it to the engine the dudes cracking jokes about tail sectioners cutting off limbs to feed the hungry

    He's like " its better to hold a woman with two hands as Gilliam would always say, chuckle chuckle," made me laugh
  9. It's okay. Started out good but the last 30 minutes wasn't that great and a terrible ending.

    And you mean to tell me there's not some sort of hallway to the side that you can travel up and down the train? People actually have to interrupt the classroom, pass through a bunch of sadobutchers, and through a rave car just to get anywhere?

    And where do all of these people live? I sure don't recall seeing any living quarters except for the poor folks.
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    How did the Millennium Falcon make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs?
    Just watch the movie!
    ^ As for the ending, yeah I definitely agree it needs about 15 minutes trimmed out of the last 30 min or so.
    The classroom scene is awesome.
  11. I just saw this a couple weeks ago on netflix.  It started out ok but just got worse and worse.  It was just so typical and the things that were "unique" were just kinda lame tbh.  The idea was somewhat interesting but poorly executed, imo.  
    And i agree, why wouldn't they have a hallway that is external to the train carts that will allow you to bypass all of the carts if need be.  Just doesn't make sense.  And where do the upper class live?  Its as if the director/writer wanted to just really focus on the idea of a class segregated society and how so many bad things come about having it that way, or that no matter what situation humans are put in, we will find a way to segregate ourselves even more. Its fine to have these underlying ideas but when the idea becomes the movie without anything else it becomes boring.  
  12. Entertaining but none of the shit added up as you can see in the comments above, and that ruins a movie for me.2/5 on a sunny day
  13. I think it was about rich people not giving a fuck about poor people, and that basically if it came down to it they would rather let poor people die than give up their luxuries. But poorly executed like u said
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    IME pro reviewers have no taste. So fuck what they think.
  16. Heard this movie sucked but I wanted to see it anyway.
  17. Snowpiercer is worth a viewing. It's a fun movie in the beginning, but it goes downhill towards the middle/end. It's not great but wouldn't say it's horrible either. 
    First... the overall idea of the movie, the train, etc... is pretty stupid.  It's a massive, giant,train that can never stop racing around the world on a track for years.... Pretty stupid idea... so you basically have to suspend a lot of disbelief to watch this movie....
    The movie starts out pretty great.. there are some awesome, violent, action scenes. There are a lot of cool and interesting different sets as the character make their way through the train, lots of cool visualizations.   About 1/2 way through the movie I started to think to myself that I wish this movie had been in the theatres so I could have seen it on a big screen. 
    But then... about 1/2 way through the movie the plot just kinda slows down and slugs on.  A lot of the cool atmosphere and action scenes are gone by the end of the movie, and the end itself just felt cliche instead of being some big surprise reveal. 
    It just seems like the plot should have been tightened up and there, that the movie should have been edited better.. there are a few unneeded characters who drag the story down... but maybe that's too much to ask for a movie about a giant train flying around the globe with the last of humanity in it lol

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