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Snowing again

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. It's been snowing again for the last 5 hours. We have about 4 inches on the ground. I need some warm weather and sunshine.

    Good thing i have pleanty of weed and food. The kids have been cooking up a couple of experimental foods. They have gotton bored with all the snow too.

    I need sunshine!!!!!
  2. I heard on the news it's supposed to snow here again tonite, but only 2 inches....not 6 like we got on friday
  3. we got about 8" friday... some melted, but not enough... 3-6 more inches expected over the course of tomorrow.

    I HATE SNOW! lol. thank God this is the last winter i'm gonna be spending here for the next 4 years :D
  4. yeah, me too...all my winters from now on will be spent in sunny Florida!

    BTW, my brother just told me that now they're calling for 4-5 inches...probly no school tomorrow
  5. you'll be in central FL, right? lol... not a very sunny place. there's a 90 mile wide strip across central FL that's called lightning alley... they see more lightning than anywhere else in the country. :D

    but hey... at least it's warm :)
  6. are you serious? that's even better than it being sunny...kick ass! I love thunderstorms
  7. lol. thunderstorms rule. there's some insane lightning shows in the mountains of west virginia during the summer. was my favorite thing to watch on hot summer nights :)
  8. I hope it snows tonight... THEN NO SCHOOL!! :D
  9. we got again it too...*cry,boohoo,cry* no schoool
    today itd be nice to to 10. were outa snowdays so now we get to make them up. its all fun and games till schools extended.

  10. finally something good happens here... the cut it from 3-6" to 1-3" it just recently started snowing. the storm kinda split down the middle and went to our north and south. *woohoo*
  11. i woke up to snow this morning, the sun made short work of it though.
  12. We had six inches and most of it is still here.

    I have had enough of it. I'd like to have a break from the snow and rain!
  13. well, we did get snow...not the 4-5 inches they called for...we only got 2 inches, and it didn't even lay on the roads :(
  14. it rained here last night and today it was sunny and in the fifties nice in my opinion
  15. I wish that was my weather^^
  16. yea i live in sunny south carolina not to far from you budhead
  17. Just far enough where all the shity weather runs out before you get it!
  18. yea its nice
  19. i wish it would rain like a mofo, melt all the damn snow, finish off the drought, then have nice sunny 55-60 degree days for a couple weeks to dry things out :D that would be so kickass.

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