Snowed In...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Misc, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Anyone else get hit by this massive snowstorm in the Southeast? We have six inches in Georgia and there's not a snowplow in sight. Classes were supposed to start back today, so this is pretty nicely-timed... though I'd like to leave my house at some point in the next six hours...
  2. yeah i was supposed to go back today as well (ksu) but that didnt happen!! i wish i had 4x4 so i could get out of my apts and go make a jump for my snowbord =(

    time to blaze and play cod !!
  3. 9 inches is the highest I've measured here in SC. pretty rare amount of snow around here in my experience, glad to be out of school potentially for more than one day. As soon as I finish breakfast I'm definitely going to open up the 5 grams I bought just for the days we'd be snowed in.

    We never have good snow so this is pretty cool haha.
  4. shit 6 inches is like some flurries up here in the north takes like 10 inches before they start shutting down schools and shit. but have fun on your snow days:smoke:
  5. My high school had like 6 fender benders (in Kansas) and they wonder why we complain about school when theres 4 inches of snow
  6. 5 inches here, and it was supposed to be my first day back as well.

    Snow days rock/college sucks :smoke:

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