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Snowed In.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokin86, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. So yea, I'm here in NJ and it's like 11-12''s outside and I cannot even shovel half of what's outside, I underestimated it as any other Nor eastern storm. Anyways I just came back from tokin and shoveling, about to eat some lunch, then toke again and go back out.

    Haven't seen this much snow since the Blizzard of 93
  2. yea here in rhode island, jsut shoveled for money, now im stuck between buying a video game or weed haha. I think it will be the game b/c im on a t-break.

    MLB 2009 the show tomorow!!!
  3. Yea NY is covered in this shit. I love going for drives in the snow, puffing on a blunt. Once I'm high I always feel like my car is ice skating or some shit. But honestly, I'm tired of this depressing snow, BRING ON THE NICE WEATHER....
  4. Is pedo bear really an iconic figure for you? Yeah classes were canceled today, got about 6" mang.
  5. i too am in new jersey and this snow effing blows.
  6. We got hammered in maine, I just snowblowed 2 feet of snow off of my driveway
    not to mention shoveling the walkway \ back deck.

    what a BITCH.
  7. i just shoveled my walkway and driveway it was a pain in the asss

    and i agree the nice weather needs to get here already damnit!
  8. In 18 years i think ive seen in total less than half a foot of snow haha lucky guys
  9. I'm in Jersey too. I have to walk anywhere I want to go, because all of the plows plowed the snow around my car. It's completely covered. I'm about to go smoke a bowl outside, though. It seems nice.
  10. To think about it, I got 2 feet of snow, I just measured it.

    stay safe guys :smoking:
  11. Damn man, Im in NJ aswell and we only got about 2 inches.
  12. WOOO for florida...specifically a city where it doesn't get below 50 rarely im in north florida and it gets down to the 30's and i can;t stand it...

  13. lol it gets down to the single digits here sometimes :(
  14. Today's High: 18 F
    Tomorrow's High: 18 F
  15. About 8" here in Delaware
  16. 7" in northern va. about to go play in it lol
  17. Yall definitely need to come down to Texas for your spring break its like 90 down here so come down to South Padre you wont regret it:hello:
  18. Here in PA I got about 6 or so inches. It was really powdery so wasn't too bad shoveling. I remember back around 2001 or 2002 we got 2 or 3 feet and that was hell.
  19. yup about 8 in delaware. Most ive seen in the two years i live here.
  20. I did the same thing

    but I only had to shovel once!

    The wind blew most of the snow off my driveway

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