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Discussion in 'General' started by Luvdabuddah, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. good thing i still got some skunk bud ....coz looks like it be quite awhile fore i venture into the 18 inches of snow that dumped on us last night :D :smoke: good day to STAY stoned ~~wooooooooooo
  2. 18 inches! Damn!!! All I have is 21 degree weather with a chance of "flurries" on Friday. Enjoy the snow! GO make a huge snowman then dust him with grass to make him look like a weedman. LOL! (Is it gravy that I'm secretly laughing at in my head. :D) Or get some green food coloring and make a big potleaf on his chest and call him Super Snow/Weed Man!!!! Or just stay inside and get high all day! :)
  3. i really hate's getting snow except a board and get to your nearest hill, build a little kicker, and have fun.........even go over it in a sledge/bin bag, anything, lol.......just get out in it..........Peace out........Sid

  4. alot of the east coast got pooped on it looked horrible........
    glad ya got your bud :D


  5. LMMFAO!!!!! if the wind chill wasnt 8 below i would specially since i got a 1/4 of that nast brown minty schwag lol :smoke: :smoking:

  6. lmfao @ lucky twat :D lololol good thing i'm stoned lol :p

  7. We got est. 70 cm (45 inch) gimme another 30-50 cm and you won't find me at work anymore.................

  8. wow!!!! better u then me :p all i know is i am movin to Uhhhhhh memphis yeah thats it! :D :smoke:
  9. there isnt snow in memphis is there?!?!?!?!
  10. I was also snowed in about a week ago. We got dumped on and I couldn't even get my car out of my driveway. It made for some great skiing, though.
  11. ive got you all beat...look at my truck when i woke up this morning. im not going anywhere for


  12. Not any in memphis or nashville... If you move you need to come by and see me...

  13. no snow yet..... but its ca ca ca cold...... sitten in sub fridged weather herrrrrrrrre....

    im happy that there's finally no snow gets a wee bit tiresome after a while, lol

    an hey... don't be laughin...the weed man'll get cha.... i hear he throw a pretty nasty snowball.....:D

    not that ya'd mind a snow ball....:p

    p.s. - this is exclusive weed man footage....

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  14. God it's cold here in NY, it's 3 degrees! :(

  15. tell me about it.... im getttin a crazy breeze right off the water its horrible...
  16. I finally got some snow. I had a snowball fight with my dog a little while ago. I kept zinging him in the butt and he didn't understand where the first 3 or so came from but that 4th one got me caught. Then, he'd try to catch them as I threw them at him. It was cute.

    Good job on the weed man footage, gravy! :D

  17. LMAO..ya whimp!!!:p

  18. righton :D prolly be down there in like 8 weeks ;)
    have a fatty ready :D :smoke:

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