Snowed-In and Tokin'

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  1. i had to work at 4am, but then i was told to go home cuz almost everyone called off... good thing my car has 4x4 so i made it out of those snow mounds. now im home packin hitters (left pipe at buddys house 2 days ago x( damn it!!)
  2. its snowing like crazy in chicago. i got off school early yesterday and they cancelled school for today, so I kicked today off with a wake and bake! :D (i bought a magic flight launch box the other day! :smoke:)

    Some recent snowfall reports
    Location snowfall (inches)
    Arlington Heights 22.0
    Elk Grove Village 22.0
    Du Page Airport 20.3
    O Hare Airport 20.2 Third largest snow in city's history
    Midway Airport 20.9
    St. Charles 19.0
    Antioch 20.0
    North Aurora 19.0
    Woodstock 21.1
    Evanston 20.5
    Paw Paw 18.0
    Antioch 20.0
    Park Forest 19.0
    Lockport 18.5
    Lombard 21.5
    Streator 20.7
    Tinley Park 20.0
    Oak Brook 18.3
    Downers Grove 21.1
  3. They keep sayin that Pittsburgh's supposed to get all this snow and ice, but still nothing. Dumb. I wanna be snowed in and tokin...instead of out getting things accomplished. :mad:
  4. ^ At like 10:30 last night I tried driving to St. Charles from Oswego. I got about a block and a half down the road, got stuck 3 times, and the third time completely drove off the road into a ditch. I couldn't see shit lol. Sandstorms man, holy shit. I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me. All I could see besides white was a bunch of plow lights in the distance, blocking the road, where they just gave up. Luckily not 5 min. after the ditch some badass motherfuckers in ski goggles came and pulled me out.

    I mean I legitimately couldn't tell what direction I was even going. I just guestimated, lol. For all I knew, I was driving in a corn field. Never seen anything like it.
  5. Tomorrow is most likely going to be the 3rd day of no school. It would be amazing...but my parents have been home all day yesterday and today, and I'm dry. And I can't leave the house because it's "way too dangerous". That may be true...but I still want some weed. :smoke:
  6. I just looked at the weather, and it told me I tried to drive home at the absolute worst time possible haha. 55 m.p.h. winds, and -10 outside with 1.5ft of snow already on the ground haha. If those guys didn't pull me out, I woulda had to walk back to my buddies house in that. Blue lightning and shit haha. I fucking love weather. I'm movin' to Antarctica.
  7. my power went out last night at 9 pm and didnt come back on till noon, so i was FREEZING that whole time. the kicker is that it was only my street. the houses behind us had power, so we were sitting in our house freezing our asses off last night, looking at the peoples lights behind us.
  8. Between Oakville and Burlington and I'm fuckin snowed in with my mflb :)
  9. Mother nature I am not impressed with that show (or lack of)

    I challenge you to bring us a REAL blizzard!
  10. you should've seen what i saw tuesday night. Blizzard doens't begin to describe that shit.
  11. snowed in in texas with no running water
    the freaking pipes froze
    and i only have enough for a bowl
    this sucks....
  12. Hahah i live in texas too, this is crazy. But been off of school for 4 days now
  13. that's the only good thats come out of this storm
  14. this snow needs to melt, just got done shoveling my long ass drive way it sucked:mad: but now im tokin :hello:

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