Snowed-In and Tokin'

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PremiumTanker, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. This snow/ice storm is fuggin' ridiculous, so I'm chillin at home, hittin the bubbler. Who else is snowed in? :smoke:
  2. Not yet, storm is supposed to hit here starting in the middle of the night and dump 15 inches+ by tomorrow morning, so with any luck I'll be snowed in and blazing tomorrow.
  3. this shits not straight. everybody has tons of snow except wv right now. i wanted to burn a couple bowls in the snow:(
  4. Idk how much snow will be hitting connecticut, looks more like freezing rain. But I'll be hitting a bowl later tonight :smoking:

  5. Exactly this lol where in southern Ontario are you? I'm right by Hamilton bro

  6. Exactly this lol where in southern Ontario are you? I'm between Hamilton and St.Catharines
  7. Gonna go have me a cigarette on the balcony and enjoy the view :smoke:

    its crazy outside all white lol it suppose to be like 24 inchs.
    my school will be closed tomorrow because of this and im off of work eyyy....
  9. Had a week of that a while ago. Enjoy.:smoke::smoke:
  10. I think my power is about to go out,the lights are flashing every few minutes:bolt:
  11. West coast FTW, Only snow in the mountains where it belongs.
  12. We're gettin hit hard in Milwaukee area now.
  13. waiting for the snow in Ontario loaded to go
  14. It's just raining really hard in Pittsburgh. I guess it's supposed to turn to snow tonight or something? Looking forward to not going anywhere tomorrow morning!!
  15. It's supposed to hit here sometime over night. Hoping I won't have school so I can get caught up on work.

    EDIT: But I am sitting here smoking a bong.. does it still count if I'm not snowed in? I don't see why not :smoking:
  16. Snowed in here in detroit. Already too much snow to even think about driving in the morning. I'll probably go back out in an hour or two and blow a L while i watch the snow come down.

  17. Fuck yea. No school tomorrow. Wake and Bake? Hell ya:hello:

  18. Haha, of course. I'm high as shit right now (also eating cupcakes fyi) and yeah so be high the whole night and whole day tomorrow.
  19. Niagara Falls Bro!

  20. None in socal either. :( I would love to live somewhere with snow, thunderstorms, and less concrete.

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