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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. aaaah everyone loves'em but mama. up at 6am for nuthin.
    at 7 am i hear a little noise, sounds like a thats a 3 year old eating potato chips in my bed all comfy under the blankets, that'll be a nice clean up for later.
    as i look around more i notice lucky ate a few more of my things last night. the laces off one tennis shoe and another bra....he likes those....its what i get for secretly laughin at my man when the dog ate a large portion of someones really expensive gortex boot. soooo i deduct the dog will be barfing at some point today.
    my sons standing at the sliding window already with a snowboard thinking i will let him fly down a 86degree mountian where he swears he will bail before he gets to the barbed wire fence at the bottom. I THINK NOT!
    ah an theres the good one she's now also in my bed with the chips, baby and now luckys in on it...oh i juuuust cant wait till he pukes....
    dryers broke im sure its just in the dial or some crap....gonna try to fix it myself..(dont worry ill turn off the electric to it first)
    i hate snow days!

  2. lol. I woke up at 7am today, walked to school, walked in, n they are like, what the f00k are u doin here? im like eh...
    n we have a two hour delay, so I had to walk home, now its almost friggin time to go back, damn!
  3. that my friend would suck also.
    happy trails on yer trip back to school.
  4. yeah, snowday here too. our school district is so lazy, I mean they wait until 6:15 to declare a snow day...a lot of people are already up and ready for school by that time. I just didn't bother waking my brother and sister up, I figured I'd like some company anyway.
  5. i woke up at 4:30 am... no reason, and looked out the window. i'm like "hell yeah... i'm not gonna have work today" (i do school lunch, so no school = no work). went back to sleep and waited for my alarm to go off. i asked my sis if school was cancled, she said yeah... and i went back to bed for a little longer :D
  6. r0ar im at school now, its typin class!
  7. No school here either. =D.
  8. we got like 8.5-9" here... just stopped snowing... and i just got done shoveling the driveway and sidewalk.

    damn snow. lol.
  9. we got about 4-5 inches, which is kind of a surprise. a lot of the time when NJ gets hit, the shore area, it wont stay around or settle at all.

    UNFORTUNATLY! I gotta drag my ass into a nice long eight hour shift. if there is *anyday* that i would want to miss, its today. id love to bum around on days like this. im off this weekend though, and even though I dont like the cold weather, it is pretty, everything all covered in coke. LMAO haha jk. SNOW. aight kiddies enojy the day :)
  10. HIGH All, feel for All you snowed in's hoping you get some rays from that glorious thing we call sun.

    Glad we're not seeing any of that white stuff, i don't think I could handle RocDog cracking up another Chevy *LOL*.
  11. nuthin worse than cracking up a Chevy,
    still snowing.....
    never did let that boy down a mountian to dodge barbedwire......
    lucky puked outside thankgod.i forgot the belt....he ate ANOTHER one of my belts. before someone says he's lacking somthing....nope he does it to piss ME off...its allll about a butterfinger candybar i wouldnt share with him last night...he does this shit eveytime i wont let him have candy. i swear he's THAT spitefull. amungst my ruined crap on the floor was my
    he doesnt look like he feels so good today.GOOD!
    got the chips outta my bed
    but couldnt fix the i didnt really try.
    eeelk i still hate snow days

    im better now.
  12. HIGH All, *LOL* what a day for you HIGHa. Good thing the sledding was a no no.

    Got kicked out of puter and now I'm on WoodBugs. It's ok if I'm mowing the grass at the City...playing the upto date games are which WoodBug likes to do is a no no on this baby.

    Anyway I'll be awhile mowing the is a big City.

    Edit: been home for a while so All you that know me...well..don't mind the mistakes, I'am doing my best.

    Edit Edit: Plus it's Friday and no work till Monday Ya-Hooka!!!!!
  13. Sounds like moma was expecting some privacy that she didn't get..

    The kids were home yesterdsy. i took the oldest to work and the middle child and the baby stayed with their moma.

    I wasn't expecting privacy so it really didn't bother me.. lol
  14. aaah i jus need a smoke tis all...i mightnotta ever mentioned the 'man' is into snow the removal buisness and we's hit hard this year plowed or salted like 43 times. i would like him to watch the chillins for a few so i can moment or two to myself.
    AND lucky pisses me off.
    ok im done

  15. So what you are saying is,, BH has struck gold again!
  16. i might as well ad that evertime the pooch went out to pee i threw snowballs at him. we's real mad at each other.

    im alllll better now really. reaallly!

  17. LOL!
  18. You and the pooch need to smoke one and kiss then make up! lol

    Don't be too long about it or the pooch might just bite you instead of kissing..LOL
  19. he still loves me i can see it in his discruntled beady little eyes.....maybe later ill let him have some candy.


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